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Working together to realize your Enterprise Imaging strategy

Our service organization is committed to your experience throughout the lifetime of your platform.

We support you with a smooth implementation, followed by customer care, managed and monitoring services, consultancy, ongoing opportunities to learn and more. By enabling your seamless transformation, we can make sure you realize the long-term value of your Enterprise Imaging strategy.

On-board with the implementation team

The implementation team welcomes you to your Enterprise Imaging journey, bringing you on board and continuing to support you through the implementation project gates. They are with you from discovery, design and testing, through training and project evaluation.

Your long-term support team

The support team takes over once implementation is complete; they will work with you throughout the lifetime of your platform. They also deliver the managed services or monitoring services you have chosen. Committed to helping you get the most from your solution, they bring you best practices and learnings.

Shared experiences, from the customer care team

The customer care team monitors trends and develops best practices, which they then share with you. Webinars, knowledge-based sharing, and more keep you up-to-date on what other hospitals have achieved with Enterprise Imaging, and how. This team also manages complex healthcare IT issues in a universe of multiple facilities.

Client Services Organization – How We Deliver to our Customers

Client Services Organization

You have already invested time and resources in IT systems; we are not going to just sweep that all aside. Our focus is on strategic outcomes. This requires preparation with cross-departmental participation and a governance group with an executive sponsor. We work with you to define and prioritize your goals, and create a plan to optimize your core EHR environment.

No matter how powerful the platform, what ultimately determines how it will drive efficient and effective care, is how you use and adopt the technology. We’ll ready your teams for the go-live, and prepare the processes and procedures that will support your success.

The better you know the system, inside and out, the more value you will get from it. And over time, as new issues arise, we want you to be able to creatively use your platform’s capabilities to address them. Together, we work to build your ownership and autonomy, supported and enabled by our services teams. The end goal: for you to realize the value of your platform, and optimize your EHR with consolidated image management.

With our eLearning platform*, your users can make the most of their time, from anywhere. Having access to key knowledge and online courses covering the various desktops (diagnostic, PACS administration, etc.) and the XERO Viewer, you can make sure your staff stays up-to-date, even when face-to-face contact isn’t possible.

*Depending on your region and current installation, some use cases may not be applicable to you. Please check with your local AGFA HealthCare contact person.

The Covid crisis has required us all to use our capabilities to adapt. Together with our customers, we have continued to move projects forward, helping hospitals achieve their Enterprise Imaging goals with remote implementation, technical assistance, training and more. It’s a new way of working, but together we are succeeding!

AGFA HealthCare has created a software set-up that enables application specialists to give effective demos and trainings online, from wherever they are located, using up to three monitors. This helps ensure that, even during COVID-19 containment measures, customers can work with Enterprise Imaging with more confidence, to leverage the possibilities.

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Interview with Silvio Selvaggio,
Sales and Service General Manager
Direct Export and LATAM, AGFA HealthCare

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Service Capability & Performance (SCP) certification

We proudly share our achievement and our on-going commitment to continually meeting the requirements essential to delivering top quality service and support.

Service Capability & Performance (SCP) certification

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