Enterprise Imaging XERO® Workflow for Clinicians

Access to patients’ imaging history where and when it is needed, supporting timely diagnosis and treatment.

With Enterprise Imaging XERO® Workflow, clinicians have easy access to images and reports – where, when and how they need them, including on mobile devices.

They can keep an eye on the status of requested exams and, as soon as results are available, view images and reports side by side – with less effort, less hassle, and fewer clicks. They have the information they need to make confident, informed decisions more quickly, helping ensure patients get timely treatment.

“As more healthcare organizations seek to improve clinical efficiency and leverage resource pools, remote reporting becomes a key contributor for success.”
Teleworking together, for the patient

The COVID crisis has ‘brought home’ the importance of extending diagnostic activities and collaboration beyond the hospital walls, to enhance the continuity of care.

At home, on the ward or in the office, each member of the patient care team has the flexibility to remotely carry out tasks, create reports, make decisions and collaborate. They can deliver patient care whatever the circumstance.

Remote reporting: the ‘at-home’ advantage

Your radiologists can be just as productive at home as in the hospital. Whatever their location, they can work with diagnostic and reporting workflows that match their preferences. Their user experience remains the same: fast, efficient and focused.

Enterprise Imaging keeps an eye on all tasks, using the rules-based workflow engine to drive them directly to the right radiologist – making sure no task gets delayed or lost.

Remote collaboration: when teamwork has no boundaries

Bring multidisciplinary teams and experts together, wherever they are, to share knowledge and create seamless care pathways across departments, hospitals and regions. Each participant in a conference or team meeting can interactively share and manipulate images, in real time, while communicating using visual tools and instant messaging. You enable multispecialty care collaboration, on a single platform!

Team Up

XERO® Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams integration

Mitigating a surge in demand with integrated technology at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, UK.

Over 450 users across the trust are able to quickly and securely share urgent imaging results with colleagues within and outside the hospital.

“With our stroke-read example, there is a 45-60-minute window for effective tPA treatment. If the images haven’t been read in, for example, 10 minutes, Enterprise Imaging can escalate the task in the workflow, to make sure it is addressed quickly.”

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