Molecular imaging

For all care stakeholders, hospital-wide. Because cancer treatment takes a team.

Increase the value and role of molecular imaging in multidisciplinary care for oncology and other pathologies. Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging gives every stakeholder, from any hospital department, access to all of the molecular imaging studies and viewing functionalities they need, seamlessly, within a unified, hospital-wide imaging platform.

Each care team member can view PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT and conventional nuclear medicine studies in a uniform way that allows getting the most from the images.

Going beyond the limits of result pages and key images, they can navigate through all images, compare them to priors from any modality, and use the practical tools to support diagnosis and treatment decisions.

And they can do this from anywhere in the hospital, from another hospital in the network, or from a home office.

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Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging

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Visualization tools for timely treatment and follow-up

SUV statistics offering standardization, choice of body weight, body surface area or lean body mass

Expandable list of dedicated color tables and thresholding

Triangulation and MIP display for PET and SPECT

and MR hybrid imaging and fusion

Alpha blending

Multi-study comparisons

Customizable hanging protocols

Automatic study registration and linking

“Access to all of the molecular imaging studies and viewing functionalities they need, seamlessly, within a unified, hospital-wide imaging platform.”

Hospital-wide, your colleagues can:

  • Call up molecular imaging studies in seconds, on an Enterprise Imaging workstation, or a computer with a common web browser, with XERO® Xtend.
  • Navigate through all the images from a molecular imaging study, not just key images.
  • Manipulate images with user-friendly visualization tools.
  • Seamlessly compare prior studies from the same or different modalities,
    including diagnostic CTs and MRIs.
  • Find the information they need, quickly and easily, in structured reports.
  • Collaborate with ease, either one-on-one or in multidisciplinary teams.

Nuclear Medicine

MI-Nuclear Medicine

PET Department

MI-PET Department

Nuclear Cardiology

MI-Nuclear Cardiology

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging optimizes multidisciplinary team meetings for the patient’s care and treatment follow-up. Each stakeholder, regardless of where they are located, can pull up the images they want to discuss, share them and manipulate them, in real time, while interacting and discussing with each other. The patient’s care becomes a true team effort, with everyone’s specialized expertise included.

A smoother molecular imaging workflow

Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging saves you time and allows you to work on valued-added molecular imaging tasks. All images are in a single archive. There’s no need to provide your colleagues with result pages or key images. If they have a question, you can collaborate with ease, while looking at the images together. Your real-time expertise helps to speed up decisions and, consequently, treatment.

Automatic study registration and linking

With Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging, the hanging protocols automatically register and link series from different studies – including diagnostic CTs and MRIs. Without a click, the clinician sees images presented to enable optimal comparison. Manual correction tools ensure that registration parameters can be adapted to improve comparison.

Value-added reporting

With dedicated hanging protocols and structured reporting, your report turnaround time is reduced, while remote reporting lets you create reports anywhere, at home or in the office. The satisfaction and clinical confidence of your team colleagues is increased, as they can find the specific information they need quickly and easily.

Anywhere, anytime image access

Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging can be offered with XERO® Xtend. This web-based module expands the capabilities of the XERO® Universal Viewer with all of the specialty molecular imaging viewing functionalities. The referring physician and other members of the patient’s care team can view and work with images, data and reports using the zero-footprint clinical viewer.


AGFA Enterprise Imaging: A unified solution answering real needs

Enterprise Imaging for Molecular Imaging is a native AGFA HealthCare solution that brings molecular imaging to the entire hospital through the unified Enterprise Imaging platform.

Enterprise Imaging is built on a solid foundation with state-of-the-art technology, and provides PACS, reporting, advanced image processing,

integration of clinical information, results distribution and analytics, all in a single, sophisticated platform. Its task-based workflow engine, aggregated imaging and non-imaging data from different modalities, and powerful collaborative tools support efficient evidence based decision making.

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