Backed by AGFA HealthCare’s long-standing commitment to data protection, the unified Enterprise Imaging Platform helps you keep sensitive data secure

Cybersecurity is a high stakes issue in the healthcare sector, where protecting patient data is non-negotiable.

Yet, as new security threats arise, the goalposts for keeping your data and systems secure constantly move. AGFA HealthCare and the Enterprise Imaging Platform support your security goals, helping you to improve both data management and security, without increasing your investment in time, people, or infrastructure.

Fewer systems, less risk

With a single, unified enterprise-wide image management system, you not only deliver improvements in productivity and workflows, but you reduce the total number of systems handling sensitive data. You have fewer gates to guard, with fewer entry points and fewer opportunities for breach. The unified platform also ensures that time and money are not wasted integrating multiple solutions and manually transferring data from siloed locations, further complicating information management. So, you can focus your security efforts and resources where they will have the most impact.

Designed for security

Enterprise Imaging has been designed to meet the most up-to-date data security requirements of the healthcare industry. Storage encryption and TLS prevent data integrity issues and data theft, whilst protecting sensitive information.

Role-based access control keeps you in the driver seat, and helps you manage risk expectations at all levels.

Vulnerability Management

To help protect patient safety and privacy, AGFA HealthCare’s security patch management policy keeps the confidentiality, integrity and availability risks introduced by security vulnerabilities under control.

All Enterprise Imaging systems are hardened using industry standard security baselines and those baselines and patch applications are monitored via compliance and vulnerability tools to ensure and secure product delivery.

Role-based Security: RBAC

Authorization in Enterprise Imaging is based on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), or “role-based security”, which assigns permissions according to the user’s role within the organization.

This fine-grained control is less error-prone than individually assigning permissions.

A partner who meets your security needs

A leading global provider of integrated IT solutions, AGFA HealthCare has been recognized for its approach to cybersecurity, including by KLAS Research and Censinet. We strive to comply with relevant regional standards and regulations, and hold multiple ISO certifications.


ISO certification

  • ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 > Information Security Management
  • ISO/IEC 20000 > Information Technology Service Management
  • ISO 9001: 2015 > Quality Management
    ISO 13485: 2016 > Quality Management for Medical Devices

Cybersecurity Transparent Leader

In 2022, AGFA HealthCare became one of the first companies to be named Cybersecurity Transparent Leader by KLAS Research and Censinet. This award recognizes our company’s willingness to share and continually improve overall cybersecurity maturity, and our commitment to supporting customers in the delivery of safe and secure patient care.

Enterprise Imaging: a unified solution answering real needs

Enterprise Imaging Platform delivers clinically efficient, scalable, and sustainable imaging data management.

From seamless integration and customizable workflows to cross-team collaboration and AI-powered automation, healthcare providers can deliver on business objectives and achieve organizational goals – all while enhancing productivity and keeping clinicians focused on what matters most: diagnosis and treatment for patients.

“The Enterprise Imaging Platform delivers clinically efficient, scalable, and sustainable imaging data management while keeping sensitive data secure”

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