Your new consolidated cardiology platform for seamless integration, workflow efficiency, and secure, reliable image sharing

Enterprise Imaging for cardiology offers you continuity with technology that enhances your performance and satisfaction – whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization. 

With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, every cardiology department has access to advanced imaging workflows, converged into a single workspace. Vendor neutral post processing capabilities, data analysis tools and reporting workflows help drive operational performance.

10 good reasons for Cardiologists

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology is much more than a ‘next generation’ Cardiovascular PACS system.

It’s an entirely new platform, with a distinct approach to image and information management. Using modern architecture to create a consolidated ecosystem, this converged platform gives you the foundation for an integrated patient imaging health record

The working day of a cardiologist is fully loaded with a wide variety of tasks – some more urgent than others. To support a smooth, productive workflow and high level of patient care, you need to be able to prioritize tasks and to make sure the workload is well-balanced.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology uses a rules-based workflow that organizes your work around your tasks. With a customizable, transparent and agile workflow that matches your own way of working, your productivity and work satisfaction rise. No task gets overlooked or missed, and if you get interrupted, you can pick up right where you were.

It’s also easier to balance the workload, so the right specialist receives the right tasks – staff don’t get overloaded – and collaboration is enhanced.

With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, you get a whole range of new functionalities and capabilities, including advanced image analysis and reporting, off-line measurements, 3D/4D analysis, strain and multiple advanced packages.

With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, you can move your work off the modality and into Enterprise Imaging.

Once the technologist completes the scans, the image data is transferred to Enterprise Imaging, and the modality is freed for the next patient.

This “off-line” workflow allows you to complete your advanced analysis tasks comfortably, in your own office, with your own computer set-up. You have all the patient information available to you at your fingertips, supporting your confident diagnosis.

And by moving off-line, you eliminate bottlenecks at the modality level, increasing patient throughput.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology brings together many traditionally separate applications – such as integration services, reporting and clinical applications – into a single ecosystem.

This means you don’t have to perform multiple setups for your different solutions.

Using a familiar and intuitive interface, you can easily and securely configure workflows, users, permissions, licensing, interoperability, remote workstations and more, across multiple sites – all from a central administrator desktop.

Advanced imaging tools, in a single review application

  • Automatic analysis of EF for LV and LA, IMT and LV Strain
  • RV and LA Strain Analysis
  • 4D Viewing and analysis for left and right ventricle and mitral valve.

With plenty of collaboration, chat and share tools, Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology keeps you connected with your peers: across teams, sites, networks and regions.

It’s easy and efficient to organize and participate in multidisciplinary meetings, tumor boards and conferences, with schedules, rules, discussion tasks and participants all managed.

Teaching workflows are enhanced with dual author reporting workflows, resident and attending physician workflows, and a feedback loop. Native teaching files, conference management and support for virtual classrooms help residents get the most from their cardiology experience.

With a comprehensive portfolio of multimodality cardio-vascular structured reporting tools, Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology supports you to create meaningful reports.

Enterprise Imaging streamlines the reporting workflow, enabling you to produce consistent and readable reports from coded data, with a faster turnaround. You can present complete clinical information in a way that makes it easy for the referring physician to see what’s important for diagnosis, further supporting the delivery of patient care.

The structured reporting drives improved operational performance. Business Intelligence tools support data analysis with actionable management reports that help you to contain costs.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology integrates bi-directionally with your EHR and cardio-vascular information system, exchanging key patient images and data.

The degree of integration with your EHR can be tailored to your measurement and information needs, and can be either EHR- or Enterprise Imaging-driven.

EHR-based reporting workflows support the export of normalized measurements for multi-modality vendor environments.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers you a true vision of the patient’s imaging record.

Easy access to previous studies eliminates unnecessary retakes, while the comprehensive cardiovascular data supports confident consultation and analysis.

Automated import of relevant data in the report solution helps reduce errors and inconsistencies, leading to fast and informed cardiac care treatment decisions.

Enterprise Imaging brings together the processing features and tools you need to create a productive environment, in a single desktop – including advanced workflows and processing.

The solution includes toolsets and reporting for nuclear cardiology, adult and pediatric ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, MR/CT and more.

All prior studies can be accessed from anywhere and give you a complete, holistic view of the patient’s clinical situation, for greater diagnostic confidence.

“The big draw for accepting the upgrade from a CVIS to Enterprise Imaging was the chance to upfit Novant with a consolidated database for all cardiology images. Today we still have five different systems within our cardiology environment, but the new Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology capabilities will let us consolidate all those down to one.”

Andretti Ervin
Manager of Enterprise Imaging,
Novant Health, United States

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