Enterprise Imaging Scheduling

Quick and smart scheduling, inside and outside the hospital

Increase your hospital’s efficiency whilst enhancing your patients’ experience

This web-enabled solution lets your staff manage even the most complex procedures, appointments and electronic orders in one easy and quick application. Then, during exams and while reviewing studies, care providers have all the information they need, where and when they need it.

Multi-department and multi-day appointments are easy to set up, optimizing staff workflow, hospital resources and the patient’s schedule, and providing efficient follow-up for therapies such as nuclear medicine that can run over several days.

Your hospital or department can better optimize resources, enhance communication between the referring and performing departments, and improve overall efficiency in treatment planning – all at a minimal cost.

With Enterprise Imaging Scheduling you have a premium electronic appointment scheduling and ordering solution working for you.


“Scheduling appointments is extremely easy and quick. Our patients benefit from shorter waiting times.”

Scheduling made easy

Intuitive, accurate and web-enabled

Easy-to-use, intuitive, accurate and web-enabled, the scheduling solution can be used by any hospital staff member in the hospital’s central booking department – or in any other department – as well as by referring physicians outside the hospital. It was designed on extensive customer usability studies in collaboration with numerous hospitals around the world, and founded on AGFA HealthCare’s years of experience in scheduling software development. With its intuitive and simple interface, your users can schedule patients in far less time and with minimal training.

Faster booking time

50% faster


A few mouse clicks are all you need to book most appointments. The interface presents exactly the information needed to make appointment-related decisions – no more, no less. Time required for scheduling is reduced by 50% compared with traditional scheduling solutions, improving staff productivity and patient service.

Better communication with referring physicians

The ordering workflow has become increasingly important for smooth and clear communication between hospital departments and referring physicians. Scheduling can be launched using your enterprise software or portal, whilst repetitive information is prefilled in the form – such as admission number, patient status and more. And with the intelligent status updates, the referrer can monitor the status of the order in real time.

Scheduling made easy
Simply smart scheduling

The interface can be configured to fit the specific workflows of different users. Prompts for action smoothly guide them through the scheduling process, with complete information provided in familiar language, and patient names and procedures presented repeatedly to help avoid mistakes.

Minimal installation and maintenance costs

Enterprise Imaging Scheduling requires minimal installation time on the server, while your users can quickly access it via a web browser. Maintenance is carried out remotely and automatically.

Unprecedented functionality

Easy management of even complex appointments

Providing complete and detailed management of appointments, Scheduling makes planning even the most complex procedures efficient and quick.

Appointments can be scheduled and viewed across departments, for a complete overview of the patient’s agenda, or in a time series, such as when multiple follow up events are needed.

Easy scheduling of complex procedures

Schedule multi-resource or cross-departmental procedures, over days, weeks or even months. This is particularly beneficial for the medical imaging, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine departments, where follow-up appointments can take place over several days.

Conflicting appointments

Retrieve conflicting appointments in an instant so they can be rescheduled.

Efficient appointment handling

Appointments can be batch processed and confirmations and reminders sent out in letter, SMS text message, or email form.

Document scanning

Retrieve conflicting appointments in an instant so they can be rescheduled.

Extensive printing options

Appointment lists and letters, such as confirmations, cancellations and reminders can be printed according to specified criteria.


Remote scheduling

Nursing units and referring physicians can schedule their own patients remotely, while you keep control of the scheduling rules. The central scheduling department or the performing department can quickly process exam orders sent electronically to the scheduling solution and quickly notify the requesting facility or physician when the exam can be scheduled.

For orders that need to be evaluated before they can be scheduled, the solution provides highly customizable, filtered overviews of all pending orders requiring this evaluation.

The right information

Intuitive, accurate and web-enabled

No more time lost searching for planning and scheduling information: staff performing procedures have everything they need, right at hand, including possible allergic reactions and necessary medical precautions. Printouts of useful guidelines equip patients to be well-prepared for the exam, and physicians have all the information they require at the time of reviewing.

“Enterprise Imaging Scheduling has no limits. It allows me to schedule any type of exam – no matter how complex – and to enter any type of information.”

Departmental receptionist

Improving the patient experience, with more informed decisions

Intuitive, accurate and web-enabled

Enterprise Imaging Scheduling takes the patient’s preferences into account. Time, day of the week and preferred physician can all be considered.

Get an overview

The patient can see an overview of the possibilities, optimizing their choices. They quickly get feedback on the best options, resulting in minimum wait time and allowing maximum empowerment.


Seamless connectivity with other information systems

The scheduling solutions employ AGFA HealthCare’s leading connectivity services for IHE-compliant systems, such as hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic patient records (EPR).

Patient demographic data, orders, appointments and related information can be easily exchanged with the HIS and other systems, for improved availability to users across the enterprise.


User-definable questionnaires

Can collect information prior to exams, and be linked to the procedures. The information remains available to all users throughout the workflow.


Real-time information ‘Whiteboard’ function

Provides a departmental overview of rooms, people or modalities for managing resource utilization in real-time. Exams can be rescheduled if there are delays, and emergency cases quickly slotted in. Hospital staff from anywhere in the healthcare enterprise can monitor the status of the exams, so that inpatients can be transported to the department just in time for their examination and don’t spend time in the waiting room or corridors.


Combines with existing AGFA HealthCare solutions

Such as AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Radiology and portal solutions, to provide premium scheduling functionality wherever it’s needed.

Enhanced productivity and secure data flow

Better allocation of resources, with the security you need

Enterprise Imaging Scheduling helps you optimize your revenues through more efficient allocation of costly departmental resources, integrated productivity monitoring tools and optimized scheduling in line with the hospital’s mission statement. Because the right information is available at the right time, to the right person, hospital staff are more productive and efficient in delivering patient care.

Maximum resource efficiency

Lets you efficiently manage scheduling for physicians, radiographers, healthcare staff, rooms and equipment. Multiple resources can be reserved for an appointment, while simultaneous exams can be scheduled for the same supervising physician. For example, a radiologist may be scheduled to attend to several scanners, or a cardiologist may supervise parallel consultations.

Better resource management
  • Generates high-quality management and statistical information, which can be used to support departmental resource management, operational evaluations and future planning.
  • Can be integrated with tools that monitor efficiency and provide extensive query and reporting functions in an easy-to-use interface, along with flexible export options.
Timely and efficient patient-centered healthcare

Patient-centered healthcare in a timely and efficient way: it’s not always easy to reconcile these three goals. At the enterprise or departmental level, you can determine for yourself the relative weight or degree of importance of each of these goals, so your scheduling can be optimized to help support your institution’s own objectives.

Secure data protection
  • Access to confidential patient information is protected by an extensive, configurable, rules-based security system. Audit trail reports make this data available only to authorized users. In addition, all actions can be logged.
  • Enterprise Imaging Scheduling supports your compliance with HIPAA and European security and confidentiality standards. This secure design increases the confidence of referring physicians outside the hospital too.

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