Cost control, elasticity and scalability – plus outsourced accountability for data security.

Today’s modalities are creating images at an exponential rate – and the evolution from departmental to multi-specialty image management is only adding to the pressure.

This explosion in medical imaging data requires new solutions for handling, storing and protecting your data. Solutions that are more secure, scalable and accessible; easier to maintain and use – and at a more predictable cost.

Customizable Cloud Services for Enterprise Imaging seamlessly close the infrastructure gap in your image management.

Your long-term storage is automatically scaled to your exact requirements, even as they change. Your Enterprise Imaging data is both accessible and protected, without taking up your time or requiring investment in IT resources. You also know the costs up front and can control them based on your usage and investments.

Why healthcare providers are turning to the cloud:

It can be scaled up or down as needed

Scale up or down, acquire resources as you need them and release resources when you no longer need them (elasticity). Scale up performance without having to worry about not meeting SLAs in a steady pay-as-you-grow solution (scalability).

Your data protection and security are managed for you

  • For cloud providers, security is the #1 priority and they have a wide array of inhouse security tools and capabilities.
  • They follow the latest trends in data protection and security to protect against data breaches.

Your costs are more predictable

You can monitor your image storage consumption in real time, so you know exactly what your costs will be now, and can better predict them for the long run.

It helps you overcome the challenges of finding highly qualified IT staff

IT experts are in high demand. Cloud providers ensure that they retain highly qualified IT personnel who can stay up to date on the latest developments.

Customizable AGFA HealthCare Cloud Services that match your strategy

Cloud Storage

Keep all your Enterprise Imaging systems on-premise, while taking advantage of the cloud to solve your long-term storage challenges.

With Cloud Storage, the cloud becomes your long-term image archive, eliminating the use of tapes and discs to store historical patient imaging data. There’s no need for storage planning, or out-of-pocket investments into storage hardware, for your long-term image archive. And there is no need to invest in storage volume which you aren’t yet using: you pay only for the volume you are actually using. As your storage needs grow, so does your volume – payment is determined by monitoring your use over time.

Your imaging data is readily accessible, giving your clinical users the availability that they need to deliver quality patient care. Finally, there is no need to migrate data as your storage hardware ages and reaches its end-of-life: your cloud provider is responsible for keeping your data in the most up-to-date technology.

  • Long-term storage for primary or secondary image copies
  • No need for storage planning: you pay as you grow
  • Reliable imaging data availability and reduced risk of data loss
  • No more data migrations

“AGFA HealthCare can support your transition to the cloud. Solutions such as the Cloud VNA and XERO Universal Viewer meet your need to decrease IT burdens, improve security and stability, enable more scalability and business expansion, and simplifya in-house IT administration – while enhancing image access and sharing..”

Cloud VNA and XERO® Universal Viewer

Put your Enterprise Imaging VNA and XERO Universal Viewer in the cloud – for data availability with predictable costs.

All the hardware servers for your Enterprise Imaging VNA, XERO Universal Viewer web servers and Enterprise Imaging database can be deployed off-premise on a cloud service. By connecting your on-premise PACS to the cloud VNA, your storage needs are taken care of for you.

The XERO Universal Viewer makes sure your imaging data can be accessed and shared across the enterprise, enhancing collaboration. And even if your on-premise PACS goes down, all the images in the cloud remain accessible through XERO. So there’s no delay for patient care.

  • Elastic and scalable infrastructure that is based on your needs
  • Outsourced data protection and security
  • Predictable costs
  • Simplified in-house IT administration – reducing your IT burden

“The Cloud VNA and XERO Universal Viewer help decrease in-house IT burdens, while improving security, stability and scalability”

With your data protection and security outsourced to your cloud provider, you reduce the risk of data breaches, DDoS attacks, outages and data loss.

The scalability of your cloud VNA lets you better predict your costs and control. As your needs evolve, whether from a change in image volume or from the expansion of your business through an acquisition or merger, your VNA will benefit from the elasticity and scalability features to fit your needs over time.

By simplifying your in-house IT administration, you reduce your in-house IT burdens – including navigating the job market for highly qualified IT experts!

Cloud Enterprise Imaging

The future of healthcare image management is in the cloud! Cloud offers both flexibility and rationalization, and is the best way to support the growing demand for remote and homeworking.

With your Enterprise Imaging for Radiology platform deployed on a cloud service, the full image acquisition and diagnostic reporting workflow is available, “anywhere, anytime.” And by rendering images directly in the cloud, there is less uploading and downloading of files, further controlling your costs. As with Cloud Storage and Cloud VNA, Cloud Enterprise Imaging will let you benefit from the data protection and security expertise of your cloud provider, reducing your risk of cybercrimes or outages.  The system stays scalable and elastic as your future plans evolve, supporting your growth through mergers, acquisitions, networks and more.

  • Enterprise Imaging diagnostic reporting deployed on a cloud
  • Outsourced data protection and security
  • Scalability that stays elastic through mergers or acquisitions

A clear transition to the cloud

With AGFA HealthCare’s strategic consulting and planning services, your transition from on-premise to cloud-based solutions is smooth and straightforward. Our specialists can help you get the most from your cloud solution, technically and financially.

  • We have developed, highly standardized deployment scenarios for fast, reliable cloud deployment.
  • We can help you maximize productivity by reducing your reliance on upfront capital expenditures and anticipating the impact of various scenarios.

“AGFA HealthCare can support your transition to the cloud, with solutions such as the Cloud VNA and XERO Universal Viewer”

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