A unified Cardiology ecosystem

AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology delivers a consolidated imaging ecosystem that speeds up image acquisition and retrieval, and enhances the delivery of patient care.

Across specialties and modalities, it improves the cardiologist’s work experience, by offering web-based image viewing and access, powerful advanced analysis applications, structured reporting, flexible workflows and collaboration tools – all in a single workspace.

Task-driven workflow

The rules-based workflow organizes and prioritizes work around tasks, so that the right specialists receive the right tasks, steps don’t get overlooked, and staff do not get overloaded. The workflow is driven by logic, not status, while native rules ensure a smooth progression from order to report.

Streamlined reporting

Templates for the different subspecialties make it easy for cardiologists to deliver relevant, well-organized and structured reports and referral letters “out of the box”. They support the department’s quality improvement, accreditation and reimbursement activities.


It’s simple to collaborate with peers and referring physicians through video meetings, chat and share tools, and by granting access to images and reports. The peer-learning workflow makes analyzing, rating and discussing reports part of a culture of teamwork and education.

A true vision of the medical record

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology integrates bi-directionally with the EMR and cardiovascular information system, exchanging key patient images and data. It offers a vision of the entire medical record, even on mobile devices.

Meaningful and actionable data

With Enterprise Imaging Business Intelligence, departments can track performance, in order to optimize resource allocation and patient care. A variety of dashboards display a range of reports with meaningful and actionable data. Web-based analytics can be collected across all modules.

AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology delivers:

Enterprise Imaging’s web technology facilitates a true “anywhere, anytime” workflow, enabling cardiologists to do their work wherever and whenever they need to, via an internet connection.

Whether in the hospital or at home, they can produce, interpret, collaborate on, and make quality decisions around images, with the same depth of workflow, from any computer or mobile device.

“Today we still have five different systems within our cardiology environment, but the new Enterprise Imaging capabilities will let us consolidate down to one.”

Andretti Ervin
Manager of Enterprise Imaging, Novant Health

Your unified cardiology ecosystem

“Our cardiologists will have up-to-date technology that lets them see all the images they need in, effectively, a single step. They won’t have to deal with imaging data siloes anymore.”

Andretti Ervin
Manager of Enterprise Imaging, Novant Health
  • Acquire images and data from different modalities, devices, rooms and procedures
  • Access the patient’s complete cardiovascular imaging record from a single workspace
  • Balance imaging and reporting workloads with the task-driven workflow
  • Empower advanced structured reporting
  • Pre-populate information from modalities and devices directly into clinical reports and the EHR
  • Enable teaching and collaboration in cardiology and beyond
  • Provide mobile access to reports and images

Specialties at a glance

Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization, with the Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology platform, every cardiology environment and every specialty has access to advanced imaging tools and structured reporting workflows, in a single workspace.

Cardio Ecosystemultrasound-HR



  • Automated strain analysis
  • 3D/4D review application
  • Rendering techniques
  • Creation, exporting and storing of clips of individual reference slice animations
  • Support for automatic analysis of left ventricular and left atrial ejection fractions, intermedial thickness and left ventricle strains, and left ventricular and left atrial strain analysis
  • 4D viewing and analysis for left and right ventricle and mitral valve

Structured reporting

  • Adult and pediatric/fetal ultrasound exams, including transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE) with or without stress echo, supporting pediatric Z-score calculation
  • Vascular ultrasound exams, including head, neck, abdominal, and upper and lower extremities imaging



  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  • Integrated and automated stenosis quantification of coronary arteries (Cath- QCA)
  • Integrated LV quantification (Cath-LVA)
  • Advanced analysis for research

Structured reporting

  • Comprehensive data importation from hemodynamic modalities
  • Dynamic coronary and vascular diagrams synchronized with reports
  • Cross-modality data comparison for quality improvement
  • Cardiac catheterization with structural heart interventions
  • Scoring of patient severity and risk analysis in compliance with international guidelines
  • Data registries management
  • Device traceability and inventory management
  • Web-based analytics
Cardio Ecosystem-cardiology_01



The vendor-neutral data management solution automates the collection, processing, storage and display of ECGs.

  • Transformation of data in an industry-standard, full fidelity format
  • Task accelerators that minimize searching and maximize results
  • Enterprise access to departmental data for enhanced collaboration and care standardization

Structured reporting

The web-based structured reporting supports patient search, setting task priority and adding studies to conferences.

  • Task-Driven ECG workflow with full-featured Viewer for ECG Review
  • Structured reporting, with measurement toolset
  • Web-based worklist and activity list, for starting, re-assigning and signing off reading tasks
  • Multi-monitor in web
Cardio Ecosystem-radiation



Tools for the quantification and review of cardiac perfusion and function for:

  • PECT and PET
  • Coronary flow reserve
  • SPECT and planar blood pool

Structured reporting

Structured reporting supports compliance with IAC accreditation and official guidelines:

  • Stress
  • Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI)
  • Radionuclide angiography (RNA)

CT and MR


  • 3D post-processing tools
  • Can handle large volumes of imaging data for Cardiac CT, MR and TAVR

Structured reporting

  • Cardiac CT:
    Agatston scoring and calcium volumes, diagnosing coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, pre-TAVR evaluation, etc.
  • Cardiac MR:
    Ventricular structure and function, valve structure and function, MR angiography, congenital heart disease, valuation of cardiac masses, pharmacologic stress imaging, pericardial disease, etc.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers you continuity with technology that enhances your performance and satisfaction. Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization, with Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, every cardiology department has access to advanced imaging workflows, converged into a single workspace. Vendor neutral post-processing capabilities, data analysis tools and reporting workflows help drive operational performance.

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