Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

More power and productivity for ultrasound imaging

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers a unified, comprehensive solution for cardiovascular specialties. It meets the specific needs of ultrasound for:


An efficient, productive workflow that enables you to see more patients, even in a decentralized environment

A smooth reporting workflow, with access to all available patient information from a single desktop, for confident diagnosis

Specialized, advanced ultrasound tools for adult and pediatric/fetal and vascular imaging

More power and productivity for ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound modalities have become faster and more powerful, with more tool sets and measurements. So, the ultrasound workflow needs to catch up with the increased complexity and speed, to avoid bottlenecks.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology has been designed with the needs of a busy cardiovascular laboratory in mind, it creates a unified workflow that supports seamless, smooth ultrasound produc- tivity, giving you the ability to quickly retrieve and navigate through studies.

Clinicians are now able to efficiently interpret patient data, while having access to all relevant clinical tools.

You can review images from all diagnostic modalities, including previous studies to cross examine clinically warranted findings. All measurements that are performed on the cart are imported and populated to worksheets or reports.

It enables you to optimize the ultrasound modalities and resources, so that each staff member can get more done, even with growing workloads.

Features that support the ultrasound specialty

A seamless workflow
  • All cardiovascular information can be accessed, analyzed and managed from a single workspace.
  • Relevant, well-structured ultrasound reports with consistent and complete data are produced in less time.
  • Rules-based workflow allows the workflow to be automated and the workload to be balanced according to your unit’s needs.
  • Off-line workflow: after a scan, advanced analysis can be done offline to free up the machine for the next patient and improve throughput.
  • The vendor-neutral platform brings together all patient data and images from different devices, systems and tools, and can be integrated with the EHR and thirdparty cardiovascular information systems.

“All cardiovascular information can be accessed, analyzed and managed from a single workspace.”

Specialized ultrasound tools

Advanced ultrasound imaging tools
  • Cardiac measurements, vascular measurements, stress echo
  • Ventricular performance at a glance: automated strain analysis and quantitative visualization of ventricular function, with Speckle tracking solution
  • 3D/4D review application, directed to the radiologic ultrasound field including a full review toolbox for radiological 4D ultrasound
  • Rendering techniques for a photorealistic appearance of tissue data
  • Creation, exporting and storing of clips of individual reference slice animations in seconds, and quick review of the acquired sweep
  • Support for automatic contour detection and tracking of left ventricle, ejection fraction calculation, analysis of intima-media thickness of the carotid artery, 2D global longitudinal strain, automatic contour detection of left atrium, volumes calculations
Structured reporting
  • Speeds up the workflow to create high-quality detailed reports with real-time measurement data
  • For adult and pediatric/fetal imaging: TTE, TEE and stress echo, and supporting pediatric Z-score calculation
  • For vascular ultrasound: head, neck, abdominal, upper and lower extremity
  • Enables IAC accreditation compliance1
  • Adherence to official guidelines

Web-based analytics across all modules

  • Aggregates data into a single information warehouse and provides managers with
  • Helps optimize resources, identify trends and take actions.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers you continuity with technology that enhances your performance and satisfaction. Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization. With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, every cardiology department has access to advanced imaging workflows, converged into a single workspace. Vendor neutral post-processing capabilities, data analysis tools and reporting workflows help drive operational performance.

Enterprise Imaging seamlessly integrates with Ascend(2), Invia, MediReport(2), TomTec, and TeraRecon specialized tools

(1) Region specific
(2) Not available in all regions

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