Enterprise Imaging Cloud delivers seamless service, every day of the year

Enterprise Imaging CloudEnterprise Imaging Cloud is a fully managed software service (SaaS) that provides better cost control, faster scalability, higher reliability and uptime, on-going infrastructure security, and a carefree operating lifecycle. So you can offer your clinicians the seamless operating experience they need to stay productive, focused and satisfied every day of the year.

Next-Generation Enterprise Imaging:
Cloud Solutions for Peak Efficiency

HIMSS White Paper: A blueprint for cloud imaging strategies.

Scaling up Imaging Health Networks (IHN™), enhancing EHR value, boosting clinician satisfaction and fortifying IT infrastructure.

Predictability you can count on

In today’s complex healthcare environment, no one likes uncertainty. From costs to availability, Enterprise Imaging Cloud makes sure you know exactly what you are getting. There are no ‘surprise’ expenses for migrations, software upgrades, or hardware refresh. No questions about performance SLAs. No uncertainty about who is responsible for what.

AGFA HealthCare takes care of all the deployment, performance monitoring, support and upgrade requirements for your Enterprise Imaging solution – to deliver a seamless operating experience.

Simplification and security

Enterprise Imaging Cloud deploys your Enterprise Imaging on the public cloud, supported by a fully managed service.

Data protection and infrastructure security are supported by AGFA HealthCare’s dedicated experts and AGFA’s public cloud infrastructure provider.

AGFA HealthCare leverages today’s top cloud hyperscaler for hosting in the cloud.

Unleash your growth

AGFAUnlimited user licenses, easy storage scalability, easy affiliate integration without geographic boundaries… Enterprise Imaging Cloud lets you grow in all directions and increase your value to your community.

Always up-to-date

AGFASay goodbye to keeping track of updates and patches! From acquisition, to installation, to upgrades, it’s all included in your Enterprise Imaging Cloud package. So you never have to worry about falling behind or missing out on the latest advances and innovations.

Imaging Health Network™:
connecting partners in healthcare

AGFAEnterprise Imaging Cloud facilitates the creation of an Imaging Health Network™ (IHN). Across facilities and sites, images are available to all members of the care team — no matter where they are, including on compatible mobile devices. Streaming from a longitudinal distributed health network can help reduce repeat imaging and assist decision making.

Enterprise Imaging For Customer-Managed Cloud

Cost control, elasticity and scalability, and outsourced accountability for data security.

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