As a Radiologist, you see hundreds of patient studies every day – and with imaging demand growing, that’s not slowing down anytime soon. You need information, and you need it fast.

Welcome to AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging – putting speed, automation, efficiency, and flexibility at the forefront of the way radiologists work.

The Era of Streaming

AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging brings the concept of streaming to healthcare. This web-based, natively developed approach displays large amounts of data in near real-time. And with the only requirement being a device with internet access, you can perform reads from anywhere, anytime.

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Uninterrupted Productivity

In your high-volume workflow, productivity is paramount. AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging is designed to enhance your flow by eliminating barriers and disruptions. Say goodbye to slow systems and clunky interfaces. Our cutting-edge technology helps you quickly navigate through images and reports, enabling you to focus on your core mission of providing timely diagnostic reports to enable exceptional patient care.

Work-Life Balance – Anywhere, Anytime.

AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging embraces a location-agnostic structure, empowering you to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re at a hospital, a satellite site, home, or on the go – our platform lets you securely access patient data and contribute to the Imaging Health Network™ (IHN). Enjoy the freedom to practice radiology with flexibility.

The Complete Picture

The AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform fully integrates with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems such as Epic and Cerner, so your clinicians – wherever they are in the world – have easy and quick access to a comprehensive and historical view of their patients. This Imaging Health Record™ (IHR) fosters the ability to read images and diagnose disease with geographic flexibility and clinical confidence.

Create an Imaging Health Network™

AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging (AGFA EI) is enabling a one-of-a-kind, seamless, and secure community of care. Across specialties, sites, geographies, time zones, and more – this solution empowers you to diagnose with confidence so the specialist or referring physician can deliver exceptional patient care through peer collaboration.

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