Empower your Pathologists

Enable digital pathology workflows, built by “Pathologists for Pathologists”.
Bring pathology into the Imaging Health RecordsTM with Enterprise Imaging for Pathology, powered by Corista DP3®

Over the last ten years, Pathology has embarked on a digital revolution, transitioning from analog to a digital landscape. During this digital transformation Pathology has faced some very specific and unique challenges in the transition – placing unprecedented demand on staff, resources, and infrastructure.

Enterprise Imaging for Pathology, powered by Corista DP3®, is a solution built for Pathologists by Pathologists and healthcare software experts, enabling Pathologists to work comfortably in their familiar flow.

With this solution, you not only make it possible for Pathologists to integrate digital pathology into their daily workflows, but you also bring Pathology into your Imaging Health Record™. The complete Pathology workflow – including intra- and inter-departmental consultations – as well as data management and security become part of your Enterprise Imaging ecosystem.

Corista AGFA
Vendor-agnostic digital pathology imaging

Depending on the type of the case or workflow, your Pathology team may consider the use of a wide range of scanners that generate various formats. Enterprise Imaging for Pathology stores imaging data, enables life cycle management and makes them accessible on any Enterprise Imaging workstation through an integration with AGFA HealthCare’s Universal Viewer workflow throughout your enterprise, and beyond.

One solution … all images and tools

With all data management capabilities on a single platform, advanced image analysis tools and case management, your Pathology team no longer needs to hunt for the information they need across multiple systems and workstations. Single-sign-on and direct embedding with electronic health record (EHR) systems, make it seamless to provide patient care.

Closer collaboration

By eliminating Pathology imaging siloes, Pathologists can easily and quickly share their digital Pathology images with colleagues, tumor boards, and more. Pathology takes its place at the “center of precision medicine”.

The era of streaming

Pathology images can be substantially larger than Radiology or Cardiology images. But AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging is powered by streaming capabilities, not downloads. The solution, powered by Corista DP3® is web-based, and the one-click approach displays even large Pathology files in near real-time.

Enterprise Imaging for Pathology Journey

Pathology isn’t Radiology, and being at the forefront of the industry with the most extensively embraced Enterprise Imaging solution, we understand the hurdles associated with complete adoption. The journey towards embracing Enterprise Imaging for Pathology has the potential to revolutionize an organization.

With imaging technology that feels like an extension of their thought process, Pathologists can work at the top of their craft. That’s how AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging delivers life in flow.

• DP3 is a registered trademark of Corista, LLC. All other trademarks are property of AGFA HealthCare NV or its affiliates.
• Enterprise Imaging for Pathology (Corista DP3) is cleared for primary diagnosis in the European Union and UK, and is licensed by Health Canada. Enterprise Imaging for Pathology (Corista DP3) is not cleared for diagnostic use in the US.

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