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Next-Generation Enterprise Imaging:
Cloud Solutions for Peak Efficiency

A blueprint for cloud imaging strategies: Scaling up Imaging Health Networks (IHN™), enhancing EHR value, boosting clinician satisfaction and fortifying IT infrastructure

Amid some initial hesitancy, U.S. healthcare organizations (HCOs) are now making a definitive pivot towards embracing cloud technology, indicating a major leap in their digital transformation journey and aligning closer with other data-intensive industries.

This shift is illuminated by recent research from HIMSS Market Insights, showing that an impressive 97% of HCOs have now incorporated cloud technologies into their administrative frameworks.

However, 67% acknowledge they are not maximizing these technologies for clinical, operational and business goals. Despite this, 52% plan to adopt cloud technologies for new applications, and 48% believe this will enhance patient care and quality outcomes.1

AGFA HealthCare joined forces with HIMSS to create this insightful White Paper that introduces the benefits of cloud-based EI for healthcare organizations and discusses how to find the right Cloud Enterprise Imaging partner.

In this white paper, co-produced by HIMS, you will learn about:

  • Five reasons to consider cloud-based Enterprise Imaging deployment
  • Assessing the organization’s challenges, needs and requirements
  • How to finding the right partner
  • Tips to help ensure a smooth deployment and widespread adoption
ROB MAYER | Chief Product Officer | AGFA HealthCare

Organizations should have the flexibility to selectively adopt cloud, hybrid or onpremises solutions that best align with their goals and state of readiness.”

ROB MAYER | Chief Product Officer | AGFA HealthCare

KIM GARRIOTT | General Manager | NetApp Global Healthcare and Life Science

Look for a converged EI platform that has been developed over time so that all the component modules truly work together.”

KIM GARRIOTT | General Manager | NetApp Global Healthcare and Life Science

SCOTT BOUTILIER | Cloud Solution Architect | AGFA HealthCare

Cloud is new for a lot of people, especially at the scope and scale that an EI project requires, so organizations have to be ready to sell it to their user base, including those who may be skeptical.”

SCOTT BOUTILIER | Cloud Solution Architect | AGFA HealthCare

1 HIMSS Market Insights. March 2024. Creating Tomorrow’s Health: Emerging Technologies [research report]. This research was conducted among 100 executive leaders and technology directors at multi-hospital organizations, integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers and stand-alone/specialty hospitals across the U.S.

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