Peer review workflows

Peer review workflows help meet your accreditation and certification requirements, while improving reading quality through constructive peer learning. Embedded in the workflow, peer learning becomes part of each person’s daily routine, to support a culture of teamwork and education.

Learning at its best

Diagnostic errors are a major concern. That’s why peer reviews are a fundamental part of the workflow. They allow the collecting and evaluating of data on reading errors in order to act accordingly.

Traditional peer reviews have several drawbacks. By randomly selecting studies for peer review, a lot of learning opportunity is missed. There is also very little feedback to the report author and the scoring of the reports often leads to a blame culture.

AGFA HealthCare has developed a module that supports a true peer learning workflow – and not only peer review. Peer learning does not focus on ‘how many’ reading errors occur, instead it lets radiologists understand how and why an error occurred so they can learn from it.

AGFA HealthCare’s peer learning is completely embedded in the reading routine workflow and designed to improve collaboration and foster a culture of teamwork and feedback

It’s learning at its best and that is the ultimate goal.

Learn how you can turn peer feedback and expertise into actionable learning and quality improvement

Share, collaborate, learn and progress

  • Peer learning is embedded in the routine workflow, so it becomes a part of the daily work.

  • The flexible solution can be customized to fit the department’s needs.

  • As peers share their medical knowledge, you create a positive mindset that is open to learning.

Quality control and certification

  • Helps meet accreditation and certification requirements, and assists the hospital to achieve a higher quality ranking.

  • Enterprise Imaging Business Intelligence can provide analytical intelligence that can be used to provide accreditation documentation.

  • Matches the requirements of the major regulatory and quality control agencies, including the American College of Radiologists (ACR), the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) in the UK, the Joint Commission International (JCI), and many more.

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