Enterprise Imaging’s web-based ECG module

True, web-based ECG reporting workflows

A full-featured image viewer with dedicated structured reporting and measurement toolset

With Enterprise Imaging’s web technology, the cardiology workflow becomes as versatile as the cardiologist’s work! Images can be interpreted and reported on, from any internet-connected computer or mobile device, whether in the hospital or at home. And all data is stored directly in the Enterprise Imaging platform, making it available across the enterprise as part of the central patient record.

Reporting is at the same time an essential and a time-consuming component of the cardiology imaging workflow. Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology includes modules for a task-driven ECG reporting workflow, and mobile structured cardiology reporting. Together, they help unleash diagnostic workflows, going beyond remote image access to enable cardiologists to do their work wherever they are, and whenever they need.


Web-based ECG reporting and workflow

Enterprise Imaging’s web-based ECG module offers cardiologists a full-featured image viewer with dedicated structured reporting and measurement toolset.

All types of DICOM ECG Waveforms are automatically stored centrally, in the vendor-neutral Enterprise Imaging platform. They are thus accessible via an internet connection, inside the hospital and remotely – without additional infrastructure or duplicated interfaces.

Task-Driven ECG workflow and web-based worklist, allow to start, re-assign and sign-off reading tasks, supporting patient search, setting task priority and adding studies to conferences.

  • Full, task-driven ECG workflow available “anywhere, anytime,” via the Web
  • Vendor-neutral, centralized storage of all types of DICOM-format ECG Waveforms on a single, Enterprise Imaging platform
  • Familiar digital environment, overviews and activities for the cardiologist, on any internet-connected computer or device
  • User-friendly and self-explanatory measurement tools
  • Easy and quick reporting using predefined findings
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication with peers, technicians, etc.
  • Useful functionalities such as two-monitor set-up, flexible searching, and comparison of current and previous ECGs

A familiar workflow, “anywhere, anytime”

Cardiologists benefit from all the powerful ECG functionalities they are used to, in a familiar digital environment, whether at home or at the hospital.

Guided by the task-driven ECG workflow, they can start, pause and resume reading tasks, sign off on reports, add addenda, and assign tasks to their colleagues or change priorities, from anywhere. If they start on a task at the hospital, they can pick up where they left off at their home office – and vice-versa.

The tasklist is easy to navigate and always up to date, while current or prior studies can be retrieved with search criteria such as patient, physician, status and more.

Anywhere Anytime

Dedicated tools, right at hand

The ECG workflow makes it fast and intuitive to measure, zoom in or out, change speed, amplitude or filters, compare current and previous ECGs, import or copy findings from the previous report into the current report, and even print out ECG, all this even while on the move via mobile access.

Enhanced collaboration between cardiologist and technician

The technician performing the ECG can make notes and remarks directly on the chart. These notes are also visible to the cardiologist.

Easier reporting, for faster turnaround

Creating reports is fast and flexible: with a set of predefined findings, predefined codes, or free text. Measurements on the ECG are automatically embedded in the report.

Waveforms, measurements and the report are embedded into the mobile workflow, enabling mobile sign-off (or an indication that no report is needed), for a faster turnaround. The report status is updated in the Enterprise Imaging system. If the platform is integrated with the EHR, the report status will be visible there, as well.

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers you continuity with technology that enhances your performance and satisfaction. Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization. With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, every cardiology department has access to advanced imaging workflows, converged into a single workspace. Vendor neutral post-processing capabilities, data analysis tools and reporting workflows help drive operational performance.

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