At SIRM 2024, see how EI and Elefante® Web RIS enable ‘Imaging without Barriers’, enhancing patient care delivery and promoting clinician work-life balance.

AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging Platform offers near-real-time access to images, powerful diagnostic and Artificial Intelligence tools, smart workflows for seamless sharing between sites, enhanced collaboration, and more.

Elefante® Web, AGFA HealthCare’s next-generation RIS technology, provides easy and secure access to centralized patient data and images from any location.

Radiologists can increase their productivity and work-life balance, while focusing on what matters most – diagnosing and treating patients – and achieving a “life in flow.”

At SIRM 2024, AGFA HealthCare demonstrates its commitment to delivering “any image anywhere, anytime”, increasing the day-to-day performance and job satisfaction of radiologists, radiographers and clinical teams. By harnessing today’s technology, AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging creates a unified Imaging Health Record™ (IHR) that supports healthcare institutions to achieve their organizational goals, enabling clinical collaboration to support patient pathways and empowering radiologists to meet their daily challenges.

Davide Fumagalli, AGFA HealthCare Country Sales Manager Italy comments on the event: “At its core, Enterprise Imaging delivers technology that feels like an extension of a clinician’s thinking. In line with SIRM’s 2024 theme, we are committed to supporting a next-generation philosophy – creating trust and empowerment within radiology communities. SIRM creates an environment that nurtures pioneering advancements. Our latest Enterprise Imaging innovations and RIS technology Elefante® Web are proven to achieve that. We are delighted to demonstrate this philosophy in Milan.”

Enhanced Productivity and Work-Life Balance

At SIRM, visitors can discover how the right solutions can help redefine the radiologist’s flow by increasing workflow efficiency,  productivity, and boosting the value of their work:

  • Next-generation RIS technology Elefante® Web: Our customizable RIS solution grows with your diagnostic needs, providing easy web-based and secure access to centralized patient data and images from any location with fast and flexible tools and user-friendly interface.
  • The power of Enterprise Imaging Streaming Client: The explosion in medical imaging data requires solutions that make critical information readily available, regardless of location, devices and time. Web-based streaming technology makes images available in near real-time, wherever they are needed, allowing radiologists to break free from geographical constraints and empowering the care team to collaborate seamlessly.
  • Leveraging the benefits of Enterprise Imaging Cloud: Enterprise Imaging Cloud seamlessly closes the image management infrastructure gap, delivering a secure, scalable, and accessible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is easy to maintain and use at a predictable cost.
  • Teach & Research and Peer Learning: These modules turn the radiology department into a continuous learning environment,  facilitating scientific research, clinical trials, collaboration with AI vendors and more.
  • RUBEE® AI packages: AGFA HealthCare’s expanded portfolio of curated AI packages demonstrates the power of embedding AI into Enterprise Imaging workflows. Discover how our customers are leveraging these innovations in their daily practice to become more productive.
  • Connecting partners in healthcare: Enterprise Imaging and its Federation capability facilitates the creation of an Imaging Health Network™ (IHN), which makes images available to all members of the care team, at all times, no matter where they are located, including on compatible mobile devices.

Engage with our Subject Matter Experts during the event! We  offer a series of insight sessions:

  • 20 June, 17:10-18:10 – Interactive Workshop “Structured Reporting in Elefante Web” by Dott. Fabio Ferroni from IRST Meldola and Flavio Cicioni from AGFA HealthCare (room 5).
  • 21 June, 13:40-14:10 – Workshop “Optimization and Innovation: Enterprise Imaging and Artificial Intelligence in Territorial Radiology” by Dr. Alberto Di Filippo from ASL Roma 2 (Aula Brow 2).
  • 22 June, 11:20-12:40 – Interactive Workshop “AI Workflow Prioritization and Optimization” by Dott.ssa Emanuela Giampalma AUSL Romagna and Flavio Cicioni from AGFA HealthCare (room 5)

Reach out to book an appointment at SIRM 2024 to see how to bring “That’s life in flow” to your health organization – June 20-23, 2024, Milano, hall 4, booth #J02-J13.

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