Empower your clinicians with easy, secure access to the patient data and images they need.

Twenty years ago, AGFA HealthCare’s RIS Elefante.NET® revolutionized radiology workflows and information management in Italy. With Elefante® Web, we elevate that pioneering excellence even higher. Discover a RIS system that harnesses the latest web technology to streamline, automate and optimize your radiology department’s workflows.

Next-generation web and RIS technology

With zero-footprint web technology, your clinicians can access centralized patient data and images from any location. All they need is a device, internet connection and common browser.

Unleash intuitive productivity

Elefante® Web is the clinician’s gateway to streamlined workflow processes, efficient data entry and image viewing, and structured report generation. Customizable and flexible, it offers an intuitive use that lets every person work at the top of their craft.

AGFA HealthCare’s RIS Elefante.NET®
Integrated imaging IT

AGFA HealthCare is a leading provider of integrated imaging IT solutions, and that expertise is fully realized in Elefante® Web.

The ‘right size’ for you

Scalable for every size of hospital and network, Elefante® Web’s rich functionality and flexibility ensure it can match your requirements.

Beyond radiology

The benefits of Elefante® Web can be extended to multiple clinical departments, such as nuclear medicine and endoscopy, with their own similar yet distinct work processes and tools.

Efficiency blooms where processes and people follow a natural and intuitive flow. Discover how you can leverage next-generation RIS technology, in a customizable solution that grows with your diagnostic needs.

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