Enterprise Imaging Teach & Research makes it easy:
to create, curate, share and manage your reference exams.

By turning clinical radiology studies into anonymized teaching and research cases, you can share your expertise and experience – and empower the advancement of patient care.

With teach and research it is now possible to create different export anonymization profiles that help us share studies with different research centers.

Robert Waterschoot
Application Manager Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
Máxima MC - The Nederlands

Intuitive, configurable anonymized teaching and research cases

With Enterprise Imaging Teach & Research, you create anonymized cases within your AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging workflow, to keep your workday flowing. You specify the type of case (pediatric, geriatric, etc.) and choose what information to include.

Secure case follow-up and updating

Patients and cases evolve over time. Enterprise Imaging Teach & Research lets you follow up on the patient and add new information to your case, without compromising on patient privacy. 

Find and access what you need – fast

Seamlessly search for your teaching and research files right in your Enterprise Imaging workflow. Save your ‘favorite’ searches, to find your files with one click. And if you need to access your case away from your workstation, you can download the file to a USB stick or laptop, enabling you to see it wherever you are. 

Easy to share – in one go

With Enterprise Imaging Teach & Research, you can create and send multiple cases without creating a file for each individual study. Just select all the files you want to share, click the button, and they are automatically anonymized and sent.

With AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Teach and Research, radiologists don’t have to browse for a teaching file or go to another system: they can view their teaching file right there. The ability to follow up on a patient and add new information for the research, on the evolution of a tumor or response to a treatment for example, is fundamental. Privileged users are now able to go back from a Teaching File to the original study. This is a really powerful feature, allowing our radiologists to easily relate to the original full report if needed for educational purposes.

Clinical Imaging IT Administrator
Teaching hospital USA

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