About the webinar

The explosion in medical imaging data requires solutions that make critical information readily available, regardless of location and time; whilst the evolution from departmental to multi-specialty image management is creating further opportunities and challenges for both clinical and IT departments.

From the one side, heavily overloaded clinicians need to be able to access images in (near) real time; and from the other, healthcare providers are dealing with the challenges of storing and sharing more – and more different types – of images, across multiple locations.

In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss how both IT and clinical leaders can leverage modern technologies such as cloud, streaming and workflow orchestration to reduce complexity, improve clinical collaboration, and enable workflow efficiencies – ultimately paving the way for enhanced operations and delivery of patient care.
  • Explore how these technologies can empower multi-site networks, integrated care systems (ICS) and large regions to optimise resources across specialties, geographies and more, to deliver confident clinical decisions and improve the patient care process.

April 24 , 15:00 GMT, 16:00 CET – 45 min – Live Q&A included
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What you will learn:


How Streaming Client powered by XERO® Workflow can support your organisation to bridge geographical gaps, thereby expanding the available pool of caregivers to enhance the patient care process. Gain insight into the benefits of near real-time image access for swift support across distances within your organisation.


How RUBEE® Orchestrator can tailor your workflows by optimising team efficiency, regardless of their location. With workflow orchestration, studies are intelligently assigned based on elements such as, shift schedule, online status, and more – as determined by your organisation – allowing for a more efficient and high-quality resource allocation.


How Enterprise Imaging Cloud can be employed to align with your strategic goals by supporting scalable growth needs, simplifying IT infrastructure, delivering greater predictability, and empowering clinicians with a seamless operating experience, promoting productivity, focus and satisfaction.


Roberto Anelllo

Roberto Anello
Regional President Northern Europe

Willy Rose

Willy Rose
Head of Marketing

Jan Kips

Jan Kips
Product Manager

Roberto Guarnieri

Roberto Guarnieri
Business Manager Enterprise Imaging IT