On Demand Webinar

Pixel Streaming:
What Radiologists Can Learn From Gamers

Say goodbye to routing data to different systems and say hello to real-time streaming that saves you the time and energy you need to keep work and life in balance.

New technologies and web streaming capabilities are enabling both gamers and radiologists to have instant access to low latency high pixel dense images, anytime, anywhere. The AGFA HealthCare Streaming Client can enable seamless access to high-quality studies for radiologists from any device from any location, all in one place – faster than ever before.

Charles Morris, MBA

Director, Enterprise Imaging
Strategy, AGFA HealthCare

Lyndsey Burton, MD

Physician Executive, Health Tech at Amazon Web Services

Key Takeaways:

  • How radiologists can save time loading images—and get hours back in their days
  • How medical imaging pixel streaming works
  • Innovative technologies that can enable real-time, secure access to images and a comprehensive user experience