Enterprise Imaging: Shared Reading Workflow

Deliver efficient, faster patient care by balancing radiologists’ workloads and optimizing resources across health network sites, whilst saving costs for the hospitals


With the Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow, any radiologist in your health network can report on studies produced from any hospital in the network, whilst enabling each location to keep its own, separate Enterprise Imaging system.

This way, you can always use the ‘best’ available radiologist to deliver the care your patients need, across hospital locations.

“Every hospital can get the most from all their modalities, and deliver the fast report turnaround time that is critical for good patient care.”

Faster report turnaround, 24/7

The Shared Reading Workflow gives each hospital the flexibility to have their studies read based on the availability of radiologists across your entire network. Even when there is no radiologist at a hospital, they can still perform imaging exams, 24/7.

Does the study need to be read by a subspecialist? It’s automatically added to the relevant task list, visible across the network, with no delays.

Maximize capacity utilization, across your network

With the Shared Reading Workflow, any hospital – public or private – can work efficiently across multiple Enterprise Imaging systems.

Academic Hospital

Produced Studies

Exam A1, Out-of-hours Exam A2

Community Hospital

Produced Studies

Out-of-hours Exam B1, Specialty Exam B2, Exam B3

Specialty Hospital

Produced Studies

Specialty Exam C1


Out-of-hours Radiologist

“We used to have an out-of-hours radiologist per hospital, but now one out-of-hours radiologist can read for the entire Health Network.”

Out-of-hours Exam A2, Out-of-hours Exam B1


Shared Radiologist

“Before we started using Shared Reading Workflow, I could only read for my local hospital. Now, I am a shared radiologist across our whole Health Network.”

Exam A1, Exam B3


Specialty Reader

“I’m a Specialty Reader. In the past I had to travel to each hospital. Now, with Shared Reading Workflow, my studies come to me.”

Speciality Exam C1, Speciality Exam B2

Balancing workloads and expertise across sites

The Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow intelligently distributes diagnostic reporting tasks across your hospital network. Reporting tasks can be assigned to radiologists based on their expertise, skillset and availability, rather than their location.

Each radiologist can support multiple hospitals with a smooth, efficient workflow that synchronizes their task lists, optimizes their time management – and gives them a better work-life balance.

Improving the delivery of patient care and satisfaction

The Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow lets you improve your patients’ access to healthcare, wherever they are. They can receive the care they need closer to home – even when they live in remote areas – with less travelling. Images are simply taken at the nearest network hospital, and then read by the most appropriate network radiologist.

Report turnaround is faster, supporting timely diagnosis and care.

“Report turnaround is faster, supporting timely diagnosis and care.”


Shared Reading Workflow empowers radiologists to work more efficiently

Shared radiologists-outline

Shared radiologists

Radiologists often work for multiple hospitals. With the Shared Reading Workflow, they can dynamically read studies from any hospital in the network, without travelling or even switching between Enterprise Imaging applications.

Subspecialty reading-outline

Off-hours reporting

Within the health network, certain types of exams need to be read by a highly specialized radiologist. This radiologist can work from a single hospital location, yet report all exams within their subspecialty for the entire health network, using one single Enterprise Imaging application.

Off-hours reporting-outline

Off-hours reporting

With no need for a radiologist at every hospital location, night and weekend shifts can be optimized. All reading tasks for the entire health network can be combined and read by one radiologist or group. Moreover, because images are streamed from the acquisition site, and not routed to the PACS of an external after-hours service, report turnaround times can be much faster.

A smart, simplified solution

The Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow delivers a smart solution that distributes the reading workflow across connected hospitals in a truly federated manner. There is no need for a centralized storage system or for any additional installation at the connected sites.

“The treating hospital keeps full control over who can read the studies they acquire.”

The treating hospital keeps full control over who can read the studies they acquire. Any report, addendum or image markup made by another location is stored only at the treating hospital, thus providing a single source of truth.


Everyone benefits with Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow

Optimized use of resources and balanced workloads, for happier staff.

More efficient patient care with 24/7 service and maximum access to highly specialized radiologists.

Reduced costs by reducing patient mileage, avoiding duplicate exams or unnecessary retakes, and eliminating the need for third-party reading services.

Enterprise Imaging: a unified solution answering real needs

Enterprise Imaging is a completely unified imaging platform, built on a solid foundation with advanced technology. It provides PACS functionalities, reporting, advanced image processing, integration of clinical information, results distribution and analytics, in a single, sophisticated platform.

Across departments, disciplines and hospitals, Enterprise Imaging offers powerful workflow engine technology to meet specific needs of hospitals and radiology departments alike.


XEN: The foundation of your federated imaging network

The XERO® Exchange Network (XEN), in combination with the Shared Reading Workflow, unleashes image availability to the entire care team to make decisions accessible in real time across the organization. XEN reaches out to multiple backend systems throughout the network, queries them for the data needed, and streams the images to the user’s viewer. It all happens both simultaneously and automatically, without any effort by the user.

“The XERO Exchange Network has also provided significant time-saving benefits on administrative tasks, with less time spent transferring images. Across all of our trusts, we had half a dozen people just moving images around — but now we can begin to scale back that resource and invest elsewhere.”

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

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