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Exploring the benefits of an integrated EI strategy and its role in value-based care delivery

Enterprise Imaging — or EI — plays an important role in the shift toward value-based care and is the next logical investment for many following the electronic health record.

But what is it, really? Will it benefit your organization? And how can an organization successfully integrate EI into its digital transformation vision and strategy?

Paragon Consulting Partners answers all those questions for you.

In this report you will learn:

  • What are the different technology approaches to managing imaging across the enterprise?
  • How can converging imaging workflow and infrastructure support my business growth initiatives?
  • What are the key financial and clinical care metrics that can be used to measure the benefits of Enterprise Imaging?
  • How do I build an effective governance team to oversee my Enterprise Imaging project?

How to build a successful Enterprise Imaging strategy

How to build a successful enterprise imaging strategy
“Organizations with an IT management and governance framework have 25% higher profits than organizations with poor IT governance, given the same strategic initiatives.”

Download the White Paper here:

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