RSNA Exclusive! Daily Updates: Day 2 – AI Showcase

Leveraging partnerships and innovative, proven technology. We are thankful to Lunit for hosting the AI session at their booth this afternoon. A solid Thought Leadership piece was delivered by our Chief Medical Officer and Director of Innovation, Dr. Anjum Ahmed, to an audience of AI influencers and clinical motivators from across the globe.

“The Significance of AGFA’s Enterprise Imaging RUBEE® & Lunit INSIGHT® AI Strategy” was delivered live from Lunit’s own innovation theatre this afternoon. Of particular interest to the delegates was the deeply embedded workflow experience that AGFA HealthCare’s RUBEE® AI Specialty Packages strategy delivers to clinicians.

For AGFA HealthCare, this is certainly one of the best RSNAs to date. We aim to keep our colleagues and customers up to date on the latest RSNA 2023 news on our website ( – check out our News section to see our daily updates.


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