RSNA 2023 – See imaging without barriers from AGFA HealthCare

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Empowering imaging without barriers: At RSNA 2023, AGFA HealthCare showcases the power of Enterprise Imaging innovations and the Imaging Health Network™. 

In Chicago, AGFA HealthCare will demonstrate delivering imaging without barriers, increasing the day-to-day performance and job satisfaction of radiologists by leveraging inter-departmental, cross-geography image management – helping radiologists to stay in their clinical flow whilst enabling a community of care.

Especially developed to enable location-agnostic, quick management of images, AGFA HealthCare will show how its Imaging Health Network™ brings a unique approach to clinical imaging practice, offering a newly orchestrated flow within the next level of Enterprise Imaging. At RSNA, the radiology community will see new features – such as Workflow Orchestration and Streaming Client – as fully integrated components that deliver images to radiologists in seconds – enabling them to focus on the patient, and the healthcare provider, to enhance the standards of their care delivery.

By harnessing the power of Enterprise Imaging Workflow Orchestration and Streaming Client technologies, AGFA HealthCare’s web-based, one-click approach displays information in seconds – streaming pixels to you when and where you need them. Equally, our intelligent workflow orchestration technology will enable health systems to gain freedom in tailoring the solution to their specific needs and goals. Supporting RSNA’s theme of “Leadership through Change,” visitors will discover how AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging breakthroughs will empower health systems to navigate and pioneer in the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare.

Nathalie McCaughley, President of AGFA HealthCare, elaborates on AGFA HealthCare’s solution-rich offerings, and what the imaging community can expect to see at the world’s largest radiology event:

“Radiologists see hundreds of patient studies every day. In their high-volume workflow, productivity is paramount. That’s why our AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is designed to enhance their flow by eliminating barriers and disruptions.

Our pioneering Enterprise Imaging Platform enables health systems to benefit from an Imaging Health Network across specialties, sites, geographies and time zones. We help them by providing “imaging without barriers” by reducing complexity, improving clinical collaboration, and enabling workflow efficiencies”.

AGFA HealthCare’s AI innovator and Global Chief Medical Officer, Dr Anjum Ahmed, comments on a continuing hot topic, Artificial Intelligence, and emphasizes the significance of the Enterprise Imaging strategy.

“Care providers are beginning to realize that a platform strategy with Enterprise Imaging makes sense – because it builds a secure, modular and scalable ecosystem. With RUBEE®, we offer best-of-breed AI packages that are helping our customers break down barriers to implementing innovation and enable clinicians to become powerhouses of evidence-based analytical intelligence. This makes their departments more productive and staff more data efficient. Our customers have shared key metrics with us on how they are improving their clinical operations by leveraging the RUBEE® AI strategy, which is helping us innovate further.”

Let us demonstrate life in flow in Chicago from November 26-30 2023 at AGFA HealthCare booth #2552 or contact us for a conversation at your convenience. Want to get involved sooner? Discover more about our latest innovations by seeing our pre-RSNA Webinar “Pixel Streaming”.

Read more about clinical innovations that deliver “life in flow” from the Enterprise Imaging Platform below.

  • Workflow Orchestration*: This transformative solution intelligently orchestrates tasks, helping radiologists to stay in the flow of their daily working routines and unleashing remote resources across borders.
  • Streaming Client: Radiologists need images that display in seconds, not minutes – wherever they are. With this web-based technology, AGFA Enterprise Imaging makes images available in seconds, empowering all members of the care team to collaborate seamlessly. By enabling radiologists to break free from geographic constraints, it supports imaging without barriers.
  • RUBEE® AI packages: AGFA HealthCare is showcasing its expanded portfolio of AI packages, demonstrating the power of embedded AI into Enterprise Imaging workflows, and how our customers are leveraging these innovations into their daily practice and being more productive.
  • SaaS: With Software as a Service (SaaS), healthcare providers can enjoy a myriad of benefits including faster deployment, lower costs, reduced hardware and maintenance, enhanced scalability and integration, ease of use, remote accessibility, and more.
  • Cloud Services: these customizable services seamlessly close the image management infrastructure gap, delivering a solution that is secure, scalable, and accessible; easy to maintain and use; at a predictable cost.

*Work in progress.

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