Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and AGFA HealthCare announce the launch of the real-world evaluation

Published On: March 4th, 2024|Categories: Enterprise Imaging, Enterprise Imaging Platform, Radiology|

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and AGFA HealthCare announce the launch of the first real world evaluation – exploring the role of AI to support mammography interpretation in a busy one-stop clinic.

Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust is proud to announce the launch of the real-world evaluation of Lunit INSIGHT MMG AI technology in a population of women with breast symptoms referred to a “one-stop” breast clinic”. This is the first evaluation in the UK which looks at the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supporting mammogram interpretation in a busy “one-stop clinic”, where the consultants are often multi-tasking.

This evaluation  is a collaboration with KITEC (part of the London Institute of Healthcare Engineering, the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at King’s College London) and involves performing an  independent evaluation of the AI technology – AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging RUBEE® AI Package for Mammography. This evaluation integrates seamlessly with the robust workflows of AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Radiology, delivering analyzed Mammography studies directly to a select group of clinicians through the Enterprise Imaging desktop. In cases where patients have additional images stored within Enterprise Imaging, they will be conveniently listed as historical records. This feature allows users to effortlessly refer to previous studies while reviewing the analysis results, all within the same desktop environment.

We are proud to have Lunit, a leading AI company, as the sponsor for this evaluation. Additionally, we are privileged to collaborate with the Breast Clinical team at the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, who are actively involved in delivering and overseeing the evaluation. Together, these esteemed partners contribute to the advancement of AI technology in healthcare, emphasizing our commitment to providing innovative solutions for improved patient care and clinical workflows.

Dr. Nisha Sharma, Director of Breast Screening and Lead for Breast Imaging, is the Chief Investigator for the study. She comments on the significance of this study:

“This study is important – the evaluation focusses on looking at the added value of AI to support the radiologists working in the one-stop breast clinic. Integration of the AI software into the radiology workflow is important to streamline the process, and AGFA HealthCare has played an integral role in streamlining the radiology workflow and data collection.”

Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer for AGFA HealthCare elaborates:

“The integration of AI within Enterprise Imaging isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a transformative leap towards precision analytics. It enhances our ability to decipher complex imaging data swiftly and accurately, empowering users of our systems to provide timely diagnoses and personalized recommendations. The synergy between AI and Enterprise Imaging amplifies the capacity of our system users to deliver exceptional patient care, revolutionizing the landscape of medical imaging with efficiency and efficacy.”

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