KLAS & Censinet recognize Agfa HealthCare as Cybersecurity Transparent. Agfa is one of the 26 “Cybersecurity Ready” pioneers

Published On: June 1st, 2021|Categories: Enterprise Imaging Platform|
KLAS/Censinet position Agfa HealthCare as cybersecurity mature

KLAS/Censinet recognize Agfa Healthcare on Cybersecurity Transparency

As cyberattacks and resulting disruptions of clinical applications are today one of the major threats to the delivery and continuity of patient care, cybersecurity has become a priority for both healthcare providers and health IT vendors.

To support healthcare providers in decreasing risk when purchasing and managing vendor relationships, KLAS Research has recently launched a new line of research, exclusively focused on cybersecurity.

KLAS Censinet Cybersecurity transparent

With an objective of elevating healthcare cybersecurity through transparency, KLAS Research is partnering with Censinet, the healthcare industry’s first collaborative cloud platform for third-party vendor risk management, to provide insights in the cybersecurity readiness of health IT vendors.

Agfa HealthCare is proud to be recognized by KLAS/Censinet as one of the pioneers in this cybersecurity evaluation.

Our best-of-suite Imaging IT software solutions are purpose-built to reduce complexity and support healthcare providers to achieve their clinical, operational and business strategies, including cybersecurity. The KLAS / Censinet survey results positions Agfa HealthCare solutions as “cybersecurity mature” on all topics, including network security, data protection and system resiliency.

The chart below is an extract from the Report showing the cybersecurity readiness of both the Enterprise Imaging Platform,  XERO Universal Viewer and Enterprise Imaging VNA.

KLAS censinet cybersecurity Agfa HealthCare

For the full report, please visit the KLAS website.

We very much value a transparent evaluation of the cybersecurity readiness of health IT solutions and look forward to the further expansion of this KLAS/Censinet initiative.

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