Let’s hear from the LATAM Executives!

Welcome to our post-JPR review!

Earlier this month we redefined the radiology landscape at the JPR 2024 in Brazil. Celebrating a successful year since our grand return to the Brazilian market, we are thrilled to showcase the latest advancements in our Enterprise Imaging (EI) Platform, an award-winning solution that has been at the forefront of radiological innovation.

The “return of EI” has certainly been a talking point over the last year; we have affirmed that this decision has enabled significant clinical breakthroughs in Brazil. AGFA HealthCare representatives Dan Brown (CTO), Véronique Lessens (Head of Strategy & Communications) and Marcelo Espinoza (Regional Manager for LATAM) were pleased to share their reflections and key takeaways from this trail-blazing event.

Read Dan’s key takeaways here.

Read Veronique’s key takeaways here.

Read Marcelo’s key takeaways here.

It doesn’t stop there – our events calendar is unwavering! We look forward to welcoming the radiology community yet again at June events UKIO in Liverpool and SIRM in Milan, plus RADAIM in Queensland in July. Watch this space for our opening publicity!

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