GZA Hospitals uses contrast mammography & AGFA HealthCare’s RUBEE® AI Lunit INSIGHT Artificial Intelligence to help detect breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Mammography plays an important role in the detection, treatment and follow-up of breast cancer. However, X-rays are not always accurate: the higher the density of the glandular tissue in the breast, the more difficult it becomes to interpret the image. To improve its accuracy, GZA Hospitals uses two new techniques: Contrast Mammography and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI software visualizes risk zones

In addition to Contrast Mammography, the radiologists at GZA Hospitals have recently also started using AGFA HealthCare’s RUBEE® AI Lunit INSIGHT to help aid the detection of breast cancer. This revolutionary software supports the radiologist in interpreting the mammography images and significantly reduces the workload.

Find the full article from GZA Hospitals including statements from Dr Aljosja De Schepper and Dr Anja Bernaerts.

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