At RSNA 2023, AGFA HealthCare presents the application of Generative AI in Radiology, case studies and experiences from the USA and international customers, as well as new RUBEE® AI Specialty Packages

AGFA HealthCare will demonstrate the power of Enterprise Imaging innovations by showcasing new RUBEE® AI Packages and RUBEE® AI Integrations(1) 

  • Latest case study on the RUBEE® AI Package for CT, conducted by Radiologists and the AI Project team at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, USA, highlights the significance of an Enterprise Imaging strategy for AI.
  • New RUBEE® AI Packages include best-in-class specialty algorithms for automated detection and prioritization of hemorrhagic stroke
  • RSNA 2023 also announces RUBEE® AI Integrations, a framework that offers integration of AI software/platforms leveraging RUBEE® to customers

Deep Learning, Machine Intelligence and Generative AI(2) are fueling innovations in healthcare to address the pressing clinical needs of care providers. Population growth and ageing, chronic diseases, comorbidities, and spiraling healthcare costs have generated the demand for solutions that can analyze big data and unstructured clinical content to improve clinical decision-making, clinician productivity and care.

Especially developed to enable location-agnostic, quick management of images, AGFA HealthCare will show at RSNA 2023, how its Imaging Health Network™ brings a unique approach to clinical imaging practice – offering a newly orchestrated flow within the next level of Enterprise Imaging, which enables clinicians to focus on the patient, and the healthcare provider to enhance the standards of care delivery.

Significance of Enterprise Imaging Strategy for AI – Case Study from the US

Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG) Hospital and Trauma Center is a community hospital and Level 1 trauma center dedicated to improving the health and wellness of its community and is at the forefront of compassionate care and technological innovation.

In its latest case study on AI, the Imaging IT team at ZSFG finds Enterprise Imaging as an enabler to a seamless, efficient, and comfortable workflow – helping address the daily challenges faced by radiologists. ZSFG began exploring with AGFA HealthCare, the utility and benefits of latest innovations like Artificial Intelligence, leveraging the RUBEE® AI Specialty packages framework, and opted to implement and evaluate the Chest CT AI Package (powered by RUBEE® and ClearRead CT by Riverain Technologies).

“The RUBEE AI Packaging strategy and the AI enabled workflow helps us read faster and with higher confidence of not missing clinically significant nodules. One key feature is the seamless integration within Enterprise Imaging Radiology PACS”, says Dr. Brian Haas MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology in Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging section in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California, San Francisco.

New RUBEE® AI Packages and RUBEE® AI Integrations

AGFA HealthCare is showcasing its expanded portfolio of AI packages, demonstrating the power of embedded AI into Enterprise Imaging workflows, and how customers are leveraging these innovations into their daily radiology practice and being more efficient.

The AI Packages include new versions of multiple AI algorithms that cover range of specialty focused areas leveraging Chest X-Rays (powered by Lunit INSIGHT® CXR), 2D and 3D Mammography AI enabled Breast Imaging packages (powered by Lunit INSIGHT® MMG and Lunit INSIGHT® DBT), ClearRead® Xray and ClearRead® CT (powered by Riverain Technologies).

AGFA HealthCare is also announcing the release for sale of the RUBEE® NEURO AI CINA Package, a Comprehensive and Integrated Neural Networks Approach (powered by Avicenna.AI). CINA™ aids in the detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and hemorrhagic stroke, but also the identification and quantification of acute ischemic stroke.

Besides the AI Packages, AGFA HealthCare will be showcasing the new framework for RUBEE® AI Integrations. These integrations include Densitas intelliMammo® which offers on-demand actionable information to clinical care teams, managers, and administrators to improve efficiencies, help meet FDA/ACR compliance requirements, and support early breast cancer detection and treatment. The RUBEE® AI Integrations framework includes Annalise Triage, FDA cleared for 12 time-sensitive findings (seven for non-contrast head CT and five for chest X-ray). It also includes contextflow ADVANCE Chest CT, which provides radiologists comprehensive computer-aided detection support for suspected lung cancer, ILD and COPD cases (not yet cleared by the FDA).

AGFA HealthCare Global Chief Medical Officer & Director of Innovations, Dr. Anjum Ahmed, will be presenting the Zuckerberg San Francisco General case study and other similar customer successes from UK, Europe, and UAE at AGFA HealthCare RSNA booth. Dr. Ahmed has also been invited to speak at Lunit Inc.’s booth about the significance of industry and customer collaborations for successful implementation and user adoption of AI.

Commenting on the significance of Enterprise Imaging strategy for AI, Dr. Anjum Ahmed says, “The path to realizing value from the advances in AI is achieved by embedding intelligence in the clinical workflows, and by providing clinicians synergistic innovations from best-in-class industry vendors. Our approach, which is focused on outcomes assessment, provides care organizations the ability to realize gains from innovations more quickly, and helps achieve barrier free delivery and adoption of AI solutions.”

Nathalie McCaughley, President of AGFA HealthCare, elaborates on AGFA HealthCare’s solution-rich offerings, and what the imaging community can expect to see at the world’s largest radiology event:

“Radiologists see hundreds of patient studies every day. In their high-volume workflow, productivity is paramount. That’s why our AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is designed to enhance their flow by eliminating barriers and disruptions.
Our pioneering Enterprise Imaging Platform enables health systems to benefit from an Imaging Health Network across specialties, sites, geographies, and time zones. We help them by providing “imaging without barriers” by reducing complexity, improving clinical collaboration, and enabling workflow efficiencies”.

For more information or to see a demo, visit AGFA HealthCare at RSNA 2023 Booth #2552.

*1 RUBEE AI Integrations are proof of concept demonstrations at RSNA 2023

*2 Generative AI use cases are proof of concept at RSNA 2023

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