Enrich Patient Imaging Records with Enterprise Imaging VNA

Enrich your patient imaging records with Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging VNA

No more information silos! Consolidate and manage all your imaging data, from multiple systems, departments, facilities and vendors, in a single, central archive. Enrich your patient imaging records with an Enterprise Imaging VNA.

The VNA solution has been innovated over more than a decade to bring a collaborative model for data management. A model that increases the availability of patient data and helps improve the timeliness of care by reducing the requirement to reimage patients.

The Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging VNA solution allows all clinical users to access all the relevant patient data regardless of the treatment area or diagnostic areas. This data availability and collaboration-centric enable model provides clinician users with all the available patient data to help determine the best possible treatment plan. The ability to share information, study comments and the extensive patient data historical timelines allows for cross treatment plans.

Enrich you patient imaging records: 6 good reasons to transition to Enterprise Imaging VNA

  1. Reduced complexity, enhanced cost-efficiency. No matter how or where an image is captured, Enterprise Imaging VNA can consolidate and curate it.
  2. Flexible image acquisition workflows, for robust metadata. Agfa’s Enterprise Imaging VNA workflows ensure the quality and usability of your image data.
  3. Enhanced care team collaboration. By adding the Agfa HealthCare XERO Universal Viewer to your Enterprise Imaging VNA, you give your care team access to the multimedia patient images they need, wherever they are – including at the point of care.
  4. Cross-regional care. The Enterprise Imaging VNA enables you to meet the demands of regional health systems.
  5. Consolidated department workflows. With your Enterprise Imaging VNA, you have a powerful solution to reconstruct your imaging IT landscape.
  6. Cloud enabled. The Enterprise Imaging VNA is cloud-ready. By moving your imaging data to the cloud, you enhance data protection, scale your infrastructure and refine cost predictions.
KLAS on Enterprise Imaging VNA

Christien Lefebvre on Enterprise Imaging VNAIn a recent interview with HealthManagemen.org, Christien Lefebvre, Agfa HealthCare Global Program Manager – Enterprise Imaging VNA, shared his expertise in VNA.

Christien talks about how healthcare organizations can ensure an effective adoption of the Enterprise Imaging VNA platform and highlights what innovations and technology expansions are on the horizon.

  • Expanding non-Dicom native workflows leveraging lossless compression
  • Expanding the VNA federation model to support multi-health systems and international level federation in the cloud.
  • AI and machine learning within the VNA environment to be able to apply machine learning to enormous datasets in trillions of objects

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Enrich Patient Imaging Records. Interview with Christien Lefebvre

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