At the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress, AGFA HealthCare announces the release of Enterprise Imaging for Pathology

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At the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress in London, AGFA HealthCare announces the release of Enterprise Imaging for Pathology

AGFA HealthCare and Corista are announcing an integrated solution to help enable a new approach to future ready digital transformation in Pathology – supporting scanner-agnostic whole slide imaging use cases.

Mortsel, Belgium– 6 November, 2023

  • The Enterprise Imaging Platform enables a secure and modular image consolidation strategy – a result of which is Enterprise Imaging for Pathology – now released for sales by AGFA HealthCare1
  • With Corista, AGFA HealthCare is introducing a scanner-agnostic solution to help support advanced workflows, including Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) management, image display and specialty collaboration
  •  The Enterprise Imaging Platform includes RUBEE® which enables a workflow-centric strategy to support integration of best-in-class AI algorithms

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, health systems are continuously expanding – accommodating rising patient volumes and workloads and embracing innovative technologies. These developments also place extraordinary demands on pathology staff, resources, and infrastructure. On the path towards enabling a complete Imaging Health Record™, pathology as a specialty is gradually adopting digitization, but it has faced some very specific and unique challenges in the transition.

However, amidst these challenges lies an opportunity to reduce complexity, improve clinical collaboration, and enable efficiencies in the pathology workflow – ultimately paving the way for enhanced operations and superior patient care. With expansion into Pathology, AGFA HealthCare is set to introduce new capabilities into its industry recognized Enterprise Imaging Platform that promise to help address pressing workflow challenges in pathology within and outside the healthcare enterprise.

Scanner-agnostic digital pathology imaging

Depending on the type of case or workflow, your pathology team may consider the use of a wide range of scanners that generate various formats. Enterprise Imaging for Pathology stores imaging data, enables life cycle management, and makes them accessible on any Enterprise Imaging workstation through an integration with AGFA HealthCare’s Universal Viewer workflow – throughout your enterprise, and beyond.

 One solution … all images and tools

With all data management capabilities on a single platform, advanced image analysis tools and case management, the pathology team no longer needs to search across multiple systems and workstations to find the information they need. Single-sign-on, and direct embedding with electronic health record (EHR) systems, make it seamless to provide patient care.

Seamless collaboration

By eliminating pathology imaging siloes, pathologists can easily and quickly share their digital pathology images with colleagues, tumor boards, and improve clinical collaboration on cases that require discussions. Pathology takes its place at the “center of precision medicine”.

The era of streaming

Pathology images can be substantially larger than radiology or cardiology images – however, the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is powered by streaming capabilities, not downloads. The solution, powered by Corista DP3®, is web-based, and the one-click approach displays large pathology files in near real-time.

Life in Flow

With everything they need available on a single workstation, pathologists can work free of distraction, at the top of their craft as technology then becomes an extension of their thought, helping them focus on their high-value diagnosis tasks.

At the Digital Pathology and AI Congress in London, AGFA HealthCare and Corista will be demonstrating and speaking about the significance of their joint work supporting the Enterprise Imaging strategy for Pathology.

Commenting on this, Corista CEO, Elizabeth Wingard states, “We are pleased to be working with the AGFA HealthCare team with their forward-looking focus for enterprise medical imaging and AI, especially in pathology. Corista has worked with top academic institutions for many years, and we are thrilled enterprise imaging companies are embracing pathology to complete the care continuum”

“AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging platform allows our customers to enable a secure and modular strategy that helps enable departmental workflows, and multispecialty collaboration.  With RUBEE® inside Enterprise Imaging, our solution facilitates the integration of standards-based regulatory cleared AI algorithms for a seamless visual experience.” says Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer and Director of Innovations, who will be speaking at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress.

Regional President of Northern Europe, Roberto Anello, comments on the release: “AGFA’s Enterprise Imaging for Pathology solution will play an important part in our strategy to make imaging without barriers across the region a reality.”

For more information or to see a demo, visit AGFA HealthCare at Digital Pathology Congress in London (Booth #31):

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