Chest X-Ray AI Visualization: Innovation powered by RUBEE™ for AI

Published On: July 2nd, 2021|Categories: Augmented Intelligence & Business Analytics|
Chest X-ray AI Visualization package

Chest X-Ray AI Visualization package: Innovation powered by RUBEE™ for AI

A leap forward for reading efficiency and fast results. RUBEE™ for AI brings carefully curated augmented intelligence packages for your Enterprise Imaging clinical workflows.

A new carefully curated package is now available with RUBEE™ for AI. Embedding the Chest X-Ray AI findings seamlessly into your Enterprise Imaging.

The new Chest X-Ray AI Visualization package is comprised of three FDA-cleared applications designed to improve reading efficiency and accuracy across the hospital enterprise without requiring additional dedicated hardware. The solution optimizes the diagnostic value of all portable and upright images.

  • Bone Suppress: Innovative image enhancement technology designed to increase the clarity of chest X-rays by suppressing bone on digital images.
  • Detect: Advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) technology that identifies areas on a chest X-ray that may be lung nodules and helps prevent oversight.
  • Confirm: Software that identifies and highlights lines and tubes on portable chest X-ray images while maintaining excellent
    image quality

17% increased nodule detection(*)
19% faster reads(*)

The Agfa HealthCare Chest-X-Ray AI Visualization Package is powered by the Riverain Technologies™ ClearRead™ Xray platform.

(*) Access the website for details on findings

RUBEE for AI, supporting your clinical workflow like a gem

AI algorithms offer tremendous opportunities in radiology and medical imaging in general; AI is changing how healthcare organization deliver services and patient care. But to be generate real productivity gains and substantially enhance the diagnostic process, it is crucial to embed AI algorithms right into the workflows and systems clinicians use every day.

For a practical application of Augmented Intelligence in Radiology, RUBEE™ for AI, does just that: RUBEE™ helps visualize the metadata generated by AI algorithms, and uses that information to automate and optimize clinical workflows, supporting radiologists to increase productivity and enhance informed decision making, while shining a light on the value of their own expertise.

Carefully curated ‘packages’ embed best-of-class AI apps seamlessly in your clinical workflows:

  • Breast AI Package: “Reduce 3D reading time to about 35 seconds.”
  • CT Lung AI Package: “29% reduction in missed nodules.”
  • Chest X-Ray AI Visualization Package: “17% Improved Nodule detection”

With RUBEE™ for AI you get more out of your AI investments, while enriching the value of your Enterprise Imaging. It’s a win-win-win for your hospital, your clinicians and your patients!
👉Find out more about this groundbreaking innovation here.

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