AI at ECR 2022: Augmented Radiology, powered by AI

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AI at ECR 2022

It will come as no surprise that AI will be in the spotlight at the upcoming ECR 2022. The clinical community will be expecting to see tangible progress and we are delighted and proud to be bringing just that.

For Agfa HealthCare AI is no longer a concept. In fact,  RUBEE for AI embeds AI packages seamlessly in clinical workflows for true Augmented Intelligence. Supported by international AI pioneer, Dr Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer Agfa HealthCare, we will be delighted to show you the real-world results that our customers are achieving with RUBEE™ for AI and its disease-oriented clinical packages.

Both at the main Agfa HealthCare booth (Booth #211 in Expo Hall X2) as well as in the AI Pavilion and Theatre, Dr Ahmed will be available to discuss and demonstrate our measured and qualified clinical insights which we have extracted over the last two years.

Augmented Radiology powered by AI:
Real world experience from recent Go Live

PRESENTED BY: Dr Anjum Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer and international AI pioneer, Agfa HealthCare

WHEN & WHERE: Wednesday 13th July, 1pm –  in the AIX Theatre 

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the selection criteria for AI based on specialty clinical programs
  2. Identify the success criteria and metrics associated with integration of AI in radiology workflow
  3. Understand the basics of how to assess if AI algorithms are ready for clinical practice
  4. Design Go Live planning and key user training
  5. Assess the need for monitoring AI algorithms in clinical practice and follow up plan
Dr Anjum Ahmed

Find out more about the innovation highlights Agfa HealthCare is bringing to ECR 2022, and to schedule your appointment for an in-depth demo or discussion. Access all details here.

For more on Agfa HealthCare’s unique approach with RUBEE for AI, click here. Discover AI, seamlessly embedded in existing clinical workflows. Find out more about the carefully selected AI specialty packages. Access all details here. 

AI at ECR 2022

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