Agfa HealthCare’s 2021 Summer Interns

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Please Join Us in Congratulating Agfa HealthCare’s Summer Interns!

These students are helping our company improve the future of healthcare with their amazing skills and fresh ideas! Du’aa Anjum, Abbey Israel, Danny Meiss, Christian Samaniego, and Kendra Wang are all excited to be a part of our team, and Agfa HealthCare is here to provide them with the tools needed to shape their goals. Get to know these fresh faces a little more.

Business Intelligence

Du’aa Anjum
Bachelor of Sciences, University of Toronto
Digital Marketing and Communications Intern

“Being a digital marketing and communications intern at Agfa HealthCare made me realize my passion for this field.
It has been so empowering and motivating to be working alongside female global leaders that are not only some of the most intelligent, but also the kindest people I know!”

Currently analyzing and researching digital marketing audiences and strategies, creating media contents for Agfa HealthCare, helping to enhance sales enablement activities and better understand how to help our Sales team.

What have you learned?
Learning how to apply my communications learning into a healthcare setting. How to work as a team in a new environment and understand new marketing perspectives.

Plans for the future?
I plan to continue my journey in the healthcare field by pursuing further education in Masters in Global Health and Digital Marketing, to be an asset in the healthcare industry.

Abbey Israel

Abbey Israel
Biomedical Engineering, University of Waterloo
Platform Engineering Co-op Intern

“I am a Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo in my first co-op placement, working on the Platform Engineering team. I am looking forward to continuing to learn valuable skills and expand my knowledge within the technology field”

I am working on the platform engineering team to develop test scripts (primarily in Java) and improvements to the testing platform. My first main project was automating the scroll feature in XERO which is the imaging display, and I am now working in Jemmy to create a test script that will wait until prior studies have loaded before the radiologist would proceed.

What have you learned?
I have really advanced my technical skills in Java programming and problem-solving. I have also been introduced to the Agile team model and working in Scrum which has been a great experience.

Plans for the future?
I am planning on pursuing a career in software development or product management.

danny meiss Agfa HealthCare

Danny Meiss
B.S in Information Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology;
Healthcare IT Staging Intern

“I enjoy working at Agfa HealthCare since my colleagues are supportive and very knowledgeable on their IT experiences. As an IT Staging Intern, I learned how team communication is essential in my department and learned how to configure both hardware and software components on the storage, system and networking levels.”

I am assisting the Staging team in implementing project designs for servers and workstations. I help install and configure hardware and software components on the storage, system and networking levels.

What have you learned?
I learned how team communication is essential in my department so we can assign separate projects to be completed and cross-check our work for accuracy. My passion for security and networking has risen from working at Agfa HealthCare. I also learned more about how VMW and Linux are used to build servers for medical purposes.

Plans for the future?
I plan on completing my M.S in Information Technology Administration and Security at NJIT where I am expected to graduate in August 2022.

Enterprise Imaging Platform

Christian Samaniego
Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science, Conestoga College
Verification and Validation Engineer

“Working at Agfa HealthCare as a software verification and validation engineer has been a great experience so far. I have been able to grow my career in the tech-healthcare field and collaborating with an amazing team!”

Currently analyzing the outcome of testing, reporting, and discussing of the technical issues to the R&D competence centers and providing proposals and solutions.

What have you learned?
Learning technical skills, being able to communicate effectively with team members of my scrum team. In addition to learning about the healthcare industry and how Agfa HealthCare helps radiologists with Enterprise Integration.

Plans for the future?
I plan to be a software architect, to be able to help healthcare organizations use their product to meet the needs of their end-users. I have a passion for learning about software and its functions.

kendra wang

Kendra Wang
 Biomedical Engineering, University of Waterloo
Automated Test Developer Internship

“What I enjoy about working at Agfa is learning from the experienced developers on my team and knowing that the testing work I do uncovers defects, helps assess the safety and quality of the software, and will ultimately help hospitals provide better healthcare for patients.”

Writing automated integration tests and doing manual testing of the Enterprise Imaging PACS server.

What have you learned?
Good practices for automated test design, new ways of coding, knowledge of the DICOM standard.

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