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Published On: April 4th, 2023|Categories: Enterprise Imaging, Enterprise Imaging Platform|
AGFA HealthCare video

AGFA HealthCare is reshaping the future of healthcare by providing “life in flow”

The company’s business leaders, Nathalie McCaughley – President, Dan Brown – Chief Technology Officer and Charles Morris – Enterprise Imaging Director,  featured in the Innovation and Disruption Leaders interview series.

The Innovation and Disruption Leaders campaign showcases trailblazing leaders across diverse industries who share a common vision of dismantling barriers, pushing beyond conventional limits, and propelling progress through innovation.

The volume of medical imaging produced in the last few years is staggering compared to the total amount produced since the first X-rays were used to image human tissue 127 years ago. In order for this massive quantity of data to be helpful, it must be processed, stored, and analyzed correctly. Traditional technologies have struggled to cope with the sheer magnitude of information, resulting in a lack of data access and high data fragmentation.

AGFA HealthCare is focused on providing innovative solutions for healthcare providers. Its pioneering Enterprise Imaging platform revolutionizes the way healthcare systems manage medical imaging.

That’s life in flow
With AGFA Enterprise Imaging solution, distractions melt away, enabling clinicians to meet increasing workloads through greater productivity, and releasing them to focus on what’s most important: patient diagnosis and treatment. AGFA’s Enterprise Imaging platform keeps the entire healthcare eco-system in flow, from IT specialists to multi-service line clinicians, management, and patients, in order to leverage medical imaging across the care continuum and empower the delivery of exceptional patient care.

“AGFA HealthCare helps health systems eliminate the complexity of managing multiple, redundant systems across their ecosystem. We are transforming care delivery, providing quality and efficiency, and supporting healthcare professionals across the globe, regardless of borders, time zones, and service lines. That’s life in flow.” – Nathalie McCaughley, President of AGFA HealthCare.

One-stop and end-to-end solution for healthcare systems
The Enterprise Imaging platform, supported by optional Augmented Intelligence (AI) and cloud solutions, provides an integrated and comprehensive Imaging Health Record™ across the entire healthcare enterprise to empower clinicians with frictionless access to imaging information, so they can find their flow and stay focused on patients.

‍Dan Brown, Chief Technology Officer of AGFA HealthCare, explains that the Enterprise Imaging platform offers health systems an easy one-stop solution: “Our technology allows healthcare systems to grow very quickly and efficiently, for example if they are acquiring a new hospital, without changing much of their underlying technology.”

Transforming the delivery of care for healthcare professionals
AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging platform also plays a vital role in the shift toward value-based care; it’s the next logical investment following the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

‍Access to the tremendous volume of patient data is one the biggest challenges facing healthcare professionals today, and the diversity of systems between different hospitals only increases the data fragmentation. As Charles Morris, Enterprise Imaging Director of AGFA HealthCare, concludes, “Our Enterprise Imaging solution allows healthcare professionals to make more educated and more timely treatment decisions for their patients, without having to take the trouble and time to find the data in different systems.”

That’s life in flow.

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