AGFA HealthCare earns Frost & Sullivan’s “2023 Customer Value Leadership Award” for its “customer-first approach” and innovative leadership.

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F&S Award

AGFA HealthCare is proud to announce that it has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s “Best Practices Customer Value Leadership Award” for 2023. This award recognizes companies which are at the forefront of innovation – a position achieved by growing in their industries, consolidating their leadership positions and innovating and creating new products, solutions and services to meet ever-evolving customer needs.

Frost & Sullivan’s report on the prestigious award highlights AGFA HealthCare’s growth strategy, including the broadening of its product portfolio to drive innovation in the market. According to the report: “As it sits on a solid foundation, AGFA HealthCare can address the growing, fast-evolving global needs and customer-specific challenges” and “Its overall customer-first approach offers immense value to existing and new customers and solidifies its leading reputation in the market.”

 Acting at the intersection of patient care and technology

We are delighted to receive this prestigious award, which is based on both Frost & Sullivan’s objective analyses, as well as feedback from our customers who can share the experience of working with both us and our innovative Enterprise Imaging Platform. Healthcare, and especially imaging, is experiencing an age of unprecedented innovation. We aim to act at the intersection of patient care and technology to deliver ‘life in flow’ that enables every person to be the best version of themselves. Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of our ‘customer-first’ approach shows the success of this strategy,” says Nathalie McCaughley, President of AGFA HealthCare.

“Frost & Sullivan’s report highlights how we are constantly evolving the Enterprise Imaging Platform – responding to customer feedback and consistently innovating to both keep us at the forefront of industry trends, and enable clinicians to streamline their work. This results in them being able to focus on the patient instead of the technology. With a high level of process automation, such as workflow orchestration, integrated RUBEE® for AI, and cross-network federated worklists, they are free to focus on the high-value tasks of patient care and confident diagnosis, while also supporting their own wellbeing. Our Imaging Health Record™ has seamless EHR integration – supporting an excellent workflow experience. At the same time, Enterprise Imaging eliminates the barriers to growth for healthcare systems, with scalability, network imaging across health systems, and more. As the Frost & Sullivan’s report shows, the platform ‘manages everything in one backend with centralized security and data privacy’” says Dan Brown, Chief Technology Officer for AGFA HealthCare.

A global and growing leader in imaging IT

AGFA HealthCare’s proven solutions have made it the partner of choice for customers around the globe, with 800+ Enterprise Imaging and 400 XERO® Universal Viewer installs. Enterprise Imaging is a comprehensive medical imaging platform that enables healthcare providers to capture, manage, store and distribute medical images and related data across the healthcare enterprise. Designed to help radiologists work at the top of their craft, its powerful automation features eliminate many of the menial tasks that stand in the way of doing more impactful work. The system is built to foster collaboration across departments, specialties, regions and time zones, so that everyone can provide the best care to patients.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s report, “AGFA HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging Platform helps clients manage resource allocation, improve productivity, and provide clinical confidence with patient-centric contextual intelligence. The technology satisfies multispecialty needs and securely standardizes workflows to enable smooth collaboration between departments and geographical locations.”

Frost & Sullivan also highlights the vendor-neutral archive (VNA) and the XERO Universal Viewer, which can be integrated into the organization’s electronic health record (EHR) to provide clinical context – both of which can be deployed in the cloud. In addition, the report draws attention to RUBEE® for AI, which embeds augmented intelligence capabilities into the platform to “help customers generate more insight, and practice better evidence-based medicine than traditional imaging workflows.”

Read the full Frost & Sullivan report here.

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