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Enterprise Imaging (EI) has emerged as a comprehensive approach to managing medical images and associated data across the entire healthcare enterprise, including radiology and many other service lines.
EI solutions address the limitations of traditional Radiology PACS by offering centralized image management, interoperability, scalability, improved accessibility, optimized workflows, support for diverse imaging modalities, advanced analytics and AI, and robust security and safe usability features.

In this webinar,  we discuss the synergistic benefits of Enterprise Imaging (EI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology. Our panelists emphasize how EI addresses the limitations of traditional PACS, facilitating seamless integration of medical images across departments and hospital network, thus enhancing accessibility, scalability, and workflow efficiency.

Furthermore, the panelists underscore the pivotal role of embedded AI in augmenting informed decision making, expediting image analysis, and extracting valuable insights from extensive imaging datasets.

Expert Panelists:

Dr. Jay P. Patel

Musculoskeletal and Breast Imaging Radiologist Breast Imaging Section Head, Quantum Radiology

Dr. Anjum M. Ahmed

Chief Medical Officer, AGFA HealthCare

During this session, our expert panelists will discuss:

  • How EI is enabling more integrated clinical workflows and creation of longitudinal patient imaging records that make full use of key imaging data.
  • The synergistic benefits of integrating EI and AI technologies to elevate the quality of care, optimize radiology processes, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.
  • Why enterprise imaging, enabled by emerging technologies such as cloud and streaming can help address workflow and access challenges – and make it easier for remote reading radiologists to get the imaging information they need to enable optimal patient care.
  • Recognizing the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology, including enhanced diagnostic accuracy, expedited image analysis, and insights from vast imaging datasets.

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