Customer Testimonial

Sparrow Health System

Lansing, Michigan

United States of America
Enterprise Imaging Plaform
Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

Improved diagnostic confidence

Six hospitals, three urgent care units, 115 care sites, four radiology reading groups, and over 485,000 radiology exams each year: image management at Sparrow Health System is anything but straightforward. But Enterprise Imaging is helping the network achieve its vision of a holistic, consolidated approach that supports both its goals as an organization and the varied needs of everyone involved.

Dr. Eghosa Olomu
Chair of Radiology and Diagnostic Radiology
Sparrow Health System

It’s important to maximize efficiency, because radiology is only getting busier. The less I have to jump from one screen to another, the more I can keep my eyes focused on the study I am working on. That improves my diagnostic confidence and quality of reporting.

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