Disparate medical systems hinder clinical collaboration

In healthcare, each department traditionally has its own medical imaging system. This legacy way of doing work is expensive and complex, burdening doctors with imaging systems that don’t talk to each other. These siloed systems make clinical collaboration between departments inherently difficult.

From an IT perspective, siloed medical systems also create extra costs because each system has its own infrastructure that needs managing. There can be many systems in one healthcare facility, meaning when mergers and acquisitions occur, medical imaging systems multiply, exponentially increasing system complexity.

The AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging VNA and Viewer

A unified imaging platform that improves collaboration and patient care

The AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging (EI)TM VNA and Viewer is a modern, converged medical imaging platform providing tools for providers, affiliates, patients, and electronic health record (EHR) systems. It speeds up image acquisition, sharing, and retrieval, optimizing system efficiency and performance.

By breaking down data silos and providing healthcare facilities with one unified view, facilities see enterprise-wide total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction and improved patient outcomes.


The AGFA HealthCare EI VNA and Viewer breaks medical imaging silos to foster clinical collaboration between departments and healthcare facilities.

Clinical benefits

Enhance patient care by providing healthcare providers with faster access to images, lack of data quality or timing issues, and multi-disciplinary cross-site peer learning in an easy-to manage system.


Operational benefits

Ease complexity of daily operations with centralized business and operational intelligence, rapid deployment for your growth initiatives from start to finish, and increased flexibility of radiology contracting and coverage.


IT benefits

Foster flexibility and scalability with fewer systems to manage, gain massive flexibility with AGFA HealthCare EI platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and leverage a simplified architecture with fewer applications and databases.

The AGFA HealthCare EI VNA and Viewer on AWS


AGFA HealthCare VNA and Viewer take advantage of the benefits the AWS Cloud offers including scalability, managed services, and security.

Organizations can leverage the agility and scale of AWS as they onboard new departments to the El VNA platform. Additionally, organizations rest easy knowing AWS delivers world-class infrastructure security and provides managed services that offer regulatory compliant protection for patient data.

Case Study: Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical
  • Challenges
    Mirada Medical faced a lack of uniformity in imaging platforms throughout its nationwide network of providers. The ever-increasing image volume made effective clinical collaboration laborious and time-consuming.
  • Solution
    Mirada built a new imaging infrastructure, based upon AGFA HealthCare EI VNA and XERO Universal viewer for secure storage, scalability, and availability of imaging for the entire organization.
  • Results
    The AGFA HealthCare EI VNA and Viewer created a unified experience for both patients and staff by providing a simple, centralized interface for medical imaging across the entire nationwide provider network.


Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Image data comes from all over the hospital, and each type requires its own capture and storage workflow. Simplify your IT landscape and enhance care collaboration with high-quality multimedia image data, stored in one place.

AGFA HealthCare’s EI VNA is about providing image identification and capturing workflows that ensure your metadata has excellent quality.

XERO® Universal Viewer

Enable clinical collaboration with secure, intuitive access to multi-departmental images. XERO® Universal Viewer enables a unified view across the entire organization and adapts to each EHR.

You can enrich your EHR with multimedia content, enable advanced visualization, and curate multimedia patient history.

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