Enterprise imaging solutions to enable the comprehensive EMR featured at HIMSS 2013

Agfa HealthCare’s ICIS uniquely provides access, in clinically-relevant context, to multi-specialty patient imaging across the care continuum

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  • February 14, 2013 04:00

> ICIS unifies patient records by integrating and linking multi-facility, multi- departmental and multi-specialty imaging data, offering clinicians insight to support continuity and productivity of patient care.

> Provider organizations can maximize the value their EMR investment can return with experienced clinical and IT consultancy services.

> Agfa HealthCare delivers accessibility to patient care information, including images, to multiple stakeholders driving Meaningful Use compliance, clinical collaboration, and patient empowerment.

Leading the adoption of enterprise imaging information management solutions, Agfa HealthCare provides access, through the EMR, to create comprehensive, image-enabled medical records. This provides a longitudinal view of the patient's imaging throughout the enterprise, so that clinicians have greater insight for the clinical benefit of the patient.

During HIMSS, Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate the significant clinical advances and IT efficiencies enabled by ICIS, Agfa HealthCare's Imaging Clinical Information System. ICIS is the enterprise imaging choice of many leading hospital networks.

"In the delivery of care today, health systems around the world find themselves struggling to bring together data from various departments around the enterprise. Electronic health records are attempting to solve this problem for data that resides in a patient chart, but that solution leaves images behind," saidJames Jay, Vice President - Imaging Informatics, Agfa HealthCare. "As the use of images grows, so does the challenge of enabling access to images to all care providers. In addition, as more departments generate imaging data, simply consolidating storage does not solve the problem. Clinical workflow is needed to acquire, distribute and review these images. Agfa HealthCare is a leader in recognizing this challenge. ICIS, leveraging our XERO viewer, delivers a comprehensive framework to enable flexible workflows to bring images into every step of the care continuum. This gives clinicians a single point of access for all imaging data, integrated into the electronic health record, which can help reduce duplicate procedures and enable a highly efficient care process."

Innovative consultant services

Agfa HealthCare provides a consultancy approach to assist organizations as they formulate and execute their enterprise imaging strategic plan. The company recognizes that, while many conditions are shared throughout the healthcare industry, each system presents a unique combination of imaging-generating departments, resources, and EMR experience.

Providing a secure single patient view

Beyond image enabling the EMR, Agfa HealthCare, together with Orion Health, a global leader in health information exchange (HIE) and healthcare integration solutions, have image-enabled HIEs, further advancing collaboration and supporting ACOs.

Images from Agfa HealthCare's ICIS platform can be integrated into a shared "single best view" of the patient via the Orion Health Clinical Portal*. By having a holistic view, hospitals and healthcare systems can begin treatment of the patient sooner and help reduce costs resulting from unnecessary repeat exams and duplicate test orders.

The Orion Health Patient Portal* will also enable patients, their families and care teams to securely access a unified view of their electronic record including the entire longitudinal patient record and medical images thanks to the Agfa HealthCare technology platform.

"Healthcare reform demands that clinical imaging become a strategic resource advancing continuity of care throughout the enterprise. Working with Orion Health, we help organizations meet Meaningful Use criteria by providing clinicians with a single point-of-care access to the patient's comprehensive medical record,"said Michael Green, President and CEO - Americas Region, Agfa HealthCare. "Our proven solutions meet today's healthcare enterprise interoperability challenges. Designed to create workflow and care efficiencies, we bring secure access of information to multi-specialty departments, referring physician networks, and the personal care support teams involved in a patient's care."

* Work in progress

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