HIMSS 2012: Agfa HealthCare introduces ICIS platform to enhance the Electronic Medical Record

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  • Mortsel, Belgium/Greenville
  • February 07, 2012 04:00

- ICIS, an innovative Imaging Clinical Information System for enterprise imaging workflow, leads Agfa HealthCare enterprise solution line-up

- Cutting edge technologies to capture, store, exchange, and access medical images showcased at HIMSS 2012

- Full portfolio of regional health, radiology IT, and cardiology IT solutions also to be demonstrated

Agfa HealthCare will showcase state-of-the-art solutions that create and consolidate patient medical records while facilitating clinical collaboration at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2012 meeting, booth #4234. All of the advanced IT systems to be showcased at the Agfa HealthCare exhibit in Las Vegas are designed to assist healthcare organizations as a whole, and specifically CIOs and CMIOs with their need to extend the electronic medical record (EMR) to include support for medical images and related information.

Finally, ICIS:
Leading the product line-up is ICIS, the Imaging Clinical Information System, a new class of enterprise image management system that delivers a workflow-centric platform to make imaging data readily available to physicians across the enterprise. ICIS delivers the four pillars of Agfa HealthCare's enterprise clinical imaging strategy: capture, store, exchange, and access. To advance the resource benefits of imaging in the EHR, a comprehensive services platform is required. Agfa HealthCare's revolutionary ICIS platform is designed to enable state-of-the-art clinical and fiscal ROI for imaging information by incorporating all four pillars to provide healthcare organizations with the tools they need to realize an innovative enterprise-wide imaging workflow and intelligence strategy.

"As the model for healthcare delivery is changing, providing physicians with point-of-care access to the complete patient record and improving communication between care providers is now more important than ever," said Michael Green, President and CEO, Americas Region, Agfa HealthCare. "ICIS is as important as an organization's CIS in developing the EHR. With ICIS and Agfa HealthCare's consultative approach, we can assist healthcare networks in developing their long-term planning for providing imaging data throughout their enterprise."

In addition to ICIS, Agfa HealthCare will also be showcasing its wide-range of systems that comprise the vendor's regional health, radiology IT, and cardiovascular IT solutions.

Regional Health solutions:

IMPAX Data Center - A medical imaging repository that allows healthcare facilities to efficiently manage and share clinical imaging information, Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Data Center is the foundation for healthcare enterprises looking to take control of clinical imaging information. Using a standards-based infrastructure, IMPAX Data Center is a central component of a hospital's archive, access, and disaster recovery strategies across a wide range of departmental PACS and imaging solutions.

Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Data Center provides large-scale multimedia storage for DICOM 3.0 medical images and diagnostic results including DICOM-encapsulated images, reports, waveforms, and PDFs for hospital groups, regional healthcare organizations and national medical archives. The solution consolidates imaging data from disparate systems into a single point of storage and distribution via the EMR, to help speed decision-making. Through enterprise-wide and vendor-neutral image management services, Agfa HealthCare solutions help enable facilities to provide clinicians with comprehensive 24/7 access to images and results while enhancing image-focused communications among interdisciplinary care teams.

XERO Technology - A revolutionary medical imaging and results viewer, Agfa HealthCare's XERO Technology addresses one of the most common issues facing healthcare CIOs and CMIOS today: extending the EMR or EHR to include support for all medical images and related information to provide physicians with point-of-care access to the longitudinal patient record. Together with Agfa HealthCare's innovative viewer technology, image content is embedded into the EHR rendering it accessible by those who need it, whether in-hospital clinicians or referring physicians using a wide variety of browsers and networks on their office or home computers.

IMPAX Data Center Viewer, powered by XERO is a zero-download, Internet browser-based medical imaging viewer developed to provide ubiquitous access to imaging information by clinicians at the point of care, regardless of the wide variance of platforms and administrative rules that can be so problematic with typical viewers. With Agfa HealthCare's XERO technology, the user needs no (zero) client software to access a patient's images; any of the most widely-used Internet browsers and a modest network connection are needed.

IMPAX Exchange* (work in progress) - This work in progress solution provides secure, reliable transfer and localization of patient studies among hospitals and other healthcare organizations. IMPAX Exchange is poised to change how providers view image distribution and sharing in the increasingly digital world of healthcare, because providers no longer need to worry about lost or damaged CDs and DVDs, the mishandling of which can result in treatment delays, higher costs and inefficient use of staff resources. Designed to optimize productivity and efficiency at both the site of the originator or referring physician and the receiving site, IMPAX Exchange's integrated dashboard enables clinicians to know when their images reach their destination successfully.

IMPAX Business Intelligence (work in progress) - Supporting the demand for better decision-making support tools in radiology, Agfa HealthCare has introduced its new solution for Business Intelligence. The system is designed to provide historical, current, and predictive views of operations in the form of real-time dashboards, management reports, and ad-hoc queries against an IMPAX data warehouse - all in a single browser. For example, the dashboard can provide an overview of the expected workload or the patient waiting times, and management reports can provide a detailed view on the department activity. The information provided will enable physicians and hospital management to base radiology-related decisions on real-time statistical data, to monitor and measure performance and ultimately streamline radiology operations built on goals and targets.

IMPAX Scheduling - This web-based enterprise ordering, scheduling, and planning solution includes an easy-to-use electronic whiteboard, enabling hospitals and clinics of all sizes to increase productivity by efficiently managing appointments and multiple resources in real-time. IMPAX Scheduling also helps hospitals that depend on referring physicians for inpatient volume and ancillary services-- such as radiology/diagnostic imaging--by improving communication between the referring physician and the hospital network, allowing order placement and appointment scheduling directly into the referring physician's offices. In departmental or enterprise scheduling, CIO's can enable enhanced communication between the referring physician and the hospital network in a way that improves the delivery of patient care and grows a hospital's referring base.

Radiology IT solutions:
IMPAX 6.5 - RIS/PACS/Reporting - The latest version of its advanced, sixth generation integrated RIS/PACS workflow solution for data management and reporting, Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX 6.5 offers improved productivity through its automated worklists, advanced volumetric study management systems, and its ability to be deployed across and beyond the hospital enterprise to wherever radiologists need to report from, including reference viewing at home.

New to IMPAX 6.5 are advanced features which focus on usability, workflow and productivity, and business intelligence including:
• New guided workflows for extended workflow control;
• Intelligent worklist read ahead workflow with the IMPAX local cache acceleration solution, enabling remote and home reporting;
• IMPAX for Breast Imaging, which is configurable for two distinct workflows: screening and diagnosis;
• Improvements in result distribution of images and information to referring physicians at the point of care;
• Additional communication tools to improve the exchange and delivery of vital information including instant messaging with snapshot sharing, voice clip options with access controls, and Key Image Notes;
• New IMPAX Business Intelligence and Data Mining tools with real-time digital dashboards for a more focused management of radiology departments.

IMPAX Reporting - Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Reporting solution provides radiologists with the image, information, and reporting tools they need to streamline their reporting task. This fully embedded solution enables radiology departments to work more efficiently.

New at HIMSS will be the Extended Addendum workflows and customizable templates, together with the on-the-fly personalization of standard texts. These tools further extend the product's ability to be specifically tailored to the radiologists' ever growing need for fast and easy report creation. Also demonstrated will be the latest wireless speech microphones, as they will drive Agfa HealthCare's ever-sophisticated speech recognition solution.

The newest TalkStation voice recognition and reporting solution, version 4.1, will highlight Agfa HealthCare's Dictate, Edit, and Sign workflow as well as infrastructure improvements, through the addition of the latest speech engine Nuance Dragon 10.1, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft SQL 2008. The TalkStation 4.1 solution enriches the academic radiology environment and streamlines the radiologist's interpretation tasks, while decreasing the cost and complexity of implementation.

Cardiovascular IT solutions:

IMPAX Cardiovascular - Built on clinical practice and scientific evidence in cardiovascular imaging and reporting, Agfa HealthCare's recently enhanced IMPAX Cardiovascular (CV) solution supports clinicians with a single, integrated cardiovascular information system targeted at cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, cardiac CT/CTA review that is SCCT compliant, nuclear cardiology, and ECG data. Clinicians using IMPAX CV experience flexibility from features focused on workflow, integration and connectivity, including structured reports, multimodality cardiovascular image analysis, and vendor-neutral ECG management.

To schedule a demo or speak with a product expert, please contact salesinfo@agfa.com or visit www.agfahealthcare.com.

*Note: Not available in the United States.

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