Enterprise Imaging

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging enables care providers to create, collaborate, exchange, and manage a comprehensive medical imaging record throughout the continuum of care.

  • A unique, care-centric workflow platform of image management and repository solutions, Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging optimizes your EHR, streamlining efficiencies and providing secure access to clinical and operational information.
  • Single converged platform for departmental, enterprise, and regional health imaging increases operational efficiencies
  • Enables access to relevant clinical imaging data from multiple departments for improved care delivery
  • Advances quality, engagement, and satisfaction by enabling multidisciplinary communication and collaboration
  • Provides visual healthcare: Imaging data in a clinical context of the EHR
  • Delivers cost-effective image storage/management centralization



XERO Viewer

Portal Solution



White Paper

 pdf  Imaging and Value-Based Care: It's time for an enterprise-wide approach to medical imaging

Customer Study: Hunt Regional Healthcare, Greenville, USA

 pdf  Having access to all images from all sources from a single browser-based viewer plays a key role in the hospital’s ‘one-stop shop’ for imaging, helping it to increase its presence in the local market and attract referring physicians. With Enterprise Imaging Web Viewer, rural hospital offers referring physicians the support they want to enhance care quality and patient relationships.

Customer Study: Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA

 pdf  The reaction to the new access to images and information has been very positive. The access to the images within the EHR is fast, there is a high level of satisfaction among our physician group. We have a global view of the patient, and the fact that the physicians have remote access to the EHR from their offices, from their homes, from outside our firewall, means that we are truly making imaging delivery mobile.

Customer Study: CHIREC, Brussels, Belgium


"If we want to have a complete view of the patient’s history, we must be able to share nonradiologic images, as well. As a surgeon, for example, I take photos in the operating room, and in fact there are images coming from everywhere. The Enterprise Image Web Viewer lets us see all our images, from any department, from any of our sites."