Lenses & Substrates

Lens elements

Agfa HealthCare Optics Center offers a wide range of spherical lenses, including plano convex, biconvex, convex concave, plano concave, biconcave lenses with various chamfers or in sliced form with diameters from 5 mm - 200 mm.

High quality plane substrates are used by the Agfa HealthCare Optics Center mainly as filter substrates with thickness from 1 mm - 30 mm and diameter from 10 mm - 165 mm. Mirror substrates are available with thickness from 5 mm - 15 mm with a size up to 300 mm x 300 mm.

Products: Lenses & Substrates: Cylindrical lenses

Cylindrical lenses are produced with rectangular and round circumferences with radii up to 10.000 mm and length up to 500 mm.

Products: Lenses & Substrates: Toroidal lenses

Toroidal lenses are offered with length up to 210 mm.

Radii and other lengths on request.

Back side available withplano, convex, concave or even cylindrical surface.

Products: Lenses & Substrates: Common lenses

Agfa Optics production uses all common glasses from Schott, Hoya, Ohara and CDGM.