Lenses & Substrates

Lens elements

Agfa HealthCare Optics Center offers a wide range of spherical lenses, including planoconvex, biconvex, convex concave, planoconcave, biconcave lenses with various chamfers or in sliced form with diameters from 3 mm - 340 mm.
High quality plane glass for filter substrates with thickness from 1 mm - 30 mm
and diameter from 5 mm - 165 mm. Mirror substrates are available with thickness from 5 mm - 30 mm with a size up to 380 mm x 380 mm.

Cylindrical lenses are produced with rectangular and round circumferences with radii up to 10.000 mm and length up to 450 mm

Toroidal lenses are offered with length up to 210 mm.
Radii and other lengths on request.
Back side available withplano, convex, concave or even cylindrical surface.

Aspherical lenses in round shape as well as aspherical cylindrical lenses can be provided due to customers specifications. (diameter from 10 mm – 115 mm)

Agfa Optics production uses all common glasses from Schott, Hoya, Ohara and CDGM