ORBIS Medical

Clinical information management system providing clinicians an all-encompassing view of medical information.

Key benefits

  • Easily accessible overview of a patient’s complete medical information, for improved diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Electronic handling of test requirements, scheduling and notification of results, for fewer delays and a smoother workflow.
  • Medical information can generate data for administrative reporting, allowing medical and nursing staff to focus on patient care.

You monitor and care for your patients throughout their illness. Together with each patient, you clarify the medical problem and decide on the treatment. You base your decisions on your knowledge and skills, the medical information available and, increasingly, the economic aspects of diagnosis and therapy. The functionalities of ORBIS Medical support you and provide you with the perfect overviews you need to effectively carry out your various responsibilities.

With ORBIS Medical, you get subject-specific support with documentation. In the electronic patient record (EPR), transparent and complete cross-sector data and findings from the patient's previous stays and examinations are assembled and made accessible, even in an emergency. Test requirements, appointments and the notification of results can be handled electronically, without delay.

With the full overview of your own findings and the results from examinations by your colleagues, you can better define the diagnosis and treatment.


Please check with your local country representative.

Complete views, with one-time data entry

ORBIS Medical gives you department views; functional area views, such as ORBIS Endoskopie (endoscopy) and ORBIS OP; functional department views, such as ORBIS Labor (laboratory) and ORBIS RIS; and specialist views, such as ORBIS Psychiatrie (psychiatry) and ORBIS Anästhesie (anesthetics). Data - whether medical, nursing or administrative - only has to be entered once in the integrated ORBIS package.

OpenMed technology

The OpenMed technology ensures the interaction between medical documentation and nursing documentation. While you can view the outcome of your work or treatment with the reports from control and follow-up examinations, it is most transparent in the EPR.

Simplified administration

Specialist quality assurance sheets and costing data, for example ICD and OPS codes and house visits, can be derived - largely automatically - from your medical documentation. You can also use ORBIS Medical to organize the workflow within your department and between stations and functional areas. With the addition of ORBIS WAYS, you can even do this across the board.