Complete and flexible patient workflow and information management system for nursing staff.

Key benefits

  • Complete patient information, so nurses can focus on patient care.
  • Enhanced sharing of information between nursing staff and doctors.
  • Easy consulting and updating of data, anytime and anywhere in the hospital.

ORBIS Care provides documentation and workflow management functions for nurses. The system allows you to maximize your patient care, through greater understanding of the patient and the illness.

ORBIS Care offers you an overview of your patient's information, which you can access and adapt anytime and anywhere in the hospital. Your organizational tasks and specific workflows are supported, and are also combined with the functions from other ORBIS solutions, especially with ORBIS Medical.


Please check with your local country representative.

One-time entry of patient information

Patient data only needs to be entered once in ORBIS: admission data, reason for admission, previous stays, the planned station, etc. You have an overview of your patient's situation from the beginning. You can spot missing data at a glance, and immediately add it in. So you can focus on the essential tasks of caring for your patient.

Standardized, customizable forms and mobile devices

The system's forms and support of mobile input devices let you document your work quickly and easily, even from the patient's bedside. And you can adapt everything to meet your needs.

The forms range from the nursing case history through decubitus documentation and protocols for nursing expenses, sleeping behavior, micturition rhythms and pain notifications, to transfer and discharge reports. All the graphs, including the fever curve, are recorded. You can adapt the provided forms, or add your own.

EPR: enhanced sharing of critical information

Thanks to the OpenMed technology from ORBIS, your nursing information is directly available in the electronic patient record (EPR) both for your nursing colleagues and the doctors. Nursing diagnoses are both recorded and costed. At the same time, the patient record gives you an overview of the medical situation, the doctor's instructions and all your patient's appointments from the initial admission until the results are presented. Errors caused by hand-written notes and records or inadequate coordination are thus avoided.

Smoother organization of work

ORBIS gives you tremendous support with your extensive organizational tasks. You don't have to telephone to make appointments: make the requests electronically and you can immediately see that the appointment has been confirmed. All the information regarding visits is summarized in the overview. Nursing planning in accordance with standards is also possible, and the station graphic can assist with the higher-level organization of your station, such as bed planning.