Medium- to high-contrast blue- and UV-sensitive film for general radiography.

Key benefits

  • Extremely good resolution and sharpness.
  • Improved speed, allowing patient dose reduction.
  • Greater stability with low active developers.
  • Easy handling and flexible processing.

CEA RP NEW is a medium- to high-contrast film for use with rare earth screens and any other blue- or UV- emitting screens. It is suitable for general radiology applications. Its higher system speed allows dose reduction in all processing conditions, while maintaining a constant and high image quality. Incorporating disc grain technology, it offers greater stability, even with low active developers, in both manual and automatic processing.
It can be used with all kinds of processors, daylight systems, film changers and automatic chest systems.



Not available in DACH-Region


CEA RP NEW can be processed in any conventional or manual 90 second cycle processor; extended processing time is possible when appropriate. We recommend using CEA chemicals for optimum processing conditions.

Technical information

Base: polyester

Base color: blue

Main spectral sensitivity: UV and blue


Developer temperature 90 seconds: 33-35°C (91-95°F)

Developer temperature 180 seconds: 31-33°C (88-91°F)

Replenishment rate developer: 400-500 ml/m²

Replenishment rate fixer: 600-700 ml/m²

Storage temperature: 10-20°C (50-68°F)

Relative humidity: 40-60%