Flexible, ecological, single-part, hardener-free developer for manual processing. Recommended for use with G354 fixer.

Key benefits

  • Flexible, for perfect control.
  • Ecologically-improved packaging.
  • Easy handling and mixing.

G150 developer is specially designed to offer a flexible and ecological solution for manual processing. In combination with G354 fixer, G150 developer gives optimal results for processing double-sided blue or green films for conventional radiography, laser films and duplicating films. It offers flexibility, ecological packaging and easy handling and mixing.

Can be used with following products and services

G354 fixer.

Suitable for following market segments

All kinds of manual processing.


Worldwide, except US, Canada and DACH-Region

Flexible, for perfect control

G150 performs well in a broad range of processing cycles and temperatures, ranging from room temperature to 35°C. The recommended processing is 5 minutes at 18°C and 2 minutes at 25°C. You can process at other temperatures: adjust processing times accordingly.

Ecologically-improved packaging

G150 developer is supplied in shipping cartons made of 60% recycled cardboard. Cartons contain concentrated developer in either 12 x 1 liter bottles (each yielding 6 liters of ready-to-use chemical) or 4 x 5 liter bottles (each yielding 30 liters of ready-to-use chemical).

G150 is packaged in translucent polyethylene (PE) bottles fitted with a PE ECO seal. The screw cap and the stripe at the top of the label are color-coded for easy identification (red for developer, blue for fixer).

We have reduced the use of these colored components as much as possible, and the bottles show no aluminum remnants after use. Both aspects make the bottles easily PE-recyclable.

Easy handling and mixing

G150 bottles are easy to open, thanks to the built-in cutting edges of the cap. Simply remove the cap, place it upside down on the mouth of the bottle, apply a little pressure and turn the cap clockwise to break the ECO seal. With G150 developer, manual mixing will never result in sludge.

Temperature adjustment of the developer by 1°C equals speed adjustment by 2 to 3 log E points.


All kinds of manual processing.

Processing cycles

G150 can be used in a broad range of processing times and temperatures ranging from room temperature to 35 ºC.

Recommended fixer



Make sure the processing room is well-ventilated: air ventilation of 10 times the room volume per hour will prevent build-up of chemicals in the air.


Consult the safety data sheet (SDS) for information relating to safety, health and environmental aspects. Please follow the safety instructions indicated on the bottles carefully.