Computed Radiography (CR)

A complete portfolio ranging from cost efficient tabletop CR to high quality mammography capable systems using state of the art needle phosphor technology.

Product overview:

CR 10-X CR 10-X: Affordable, low volume CR

CR 12-X CR 12-X: Affordable, medium volume CR

CR 15-X CR 15-X : Affordable, high volume CR

CR 30-X CR 30-X: High volume CR

CR 30-Xm CR 30-Xm: Table-top CR mammography

DX-G DX-G: High-volume CR for genrad supporting phospor plates & needle-based detectors

DX-M DX-M: High-volume CR for genrad & mammography supporting phospor plates & needle-based detectors

CR 10-X Mobile Video

DX-G Video

DX-M Video

MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing



New Component

Image identification and quality
control tool

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